Diane Feinstein has published the transcript of the closed hearings in the...

Diane Feinstein has published the transcript of the closed hearings in the Senate


Дайан Файнстайн опубликовала стенограмму закрытых слушаний в Сенате

Hearings with the participation of Glenn Simpson was devoted to Russia’s intervention in the American elections

On Tuesday, democratic Senator from California Diane Feinstein has published the full transcript of the speech of the co-founder of Fusion GPS of Glenn Simpson in closed hearings in the Senate judiciary Committee USA, dedicated to Russia’s intervention in the presidential election of 2016.

The senior Democrat in the Senate judiciary Committee decided to publish this testimony after the Committee’s Chairman, Republican Senator from Iowa Chuck Grassley, refused to do so. The dossier prepared by the firm Fusion of GPS with the help of a former employee of British intelligence Christopher Steele, contained information about a possible collusion between employees of the campaign headquarters of Donald trump and the Russian government.

“After speaking to members of the Committee… for 10 hours, Glenn Simpson, asked to publish the transcript of my interview. The American people deserve the right to know that he (Simpson) said, and to judge that said Feinstein in her statement on Tuesday. Innuendo and misinformation that are propagated about the transcripts are part of the… attempts to undermine investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice”.

Ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller for several months conducted an investigation, which at the moment has led to indictments against four people, including one of the former leaders of the campaign trump, Paul Manafort, and former adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn.

Simpson became a Central figure in the investigation connected with Russian interference.

Spectacular Mueller and his team have discussed with legal team of President Donald trump prospects an interview with the President. The meeting was held a month ago, but, according to people familiar with the essence of the case, details of possible interview has not yet been determined.

Investigators are also studying, did trump to impede the work of the FBI, dismissing the Director of the Federal security services of James Comey.

The lawyer of the White house, Ty Cobb said that the administration does not comment on the Mueller investigation and continues to cooperate with the investigation to “contribute to the speedy solution” to this problem.

Last year the U.S. intelligence community came to the conclusion that Russia deliberately intervened in the American elections, to hurt the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton to help campaign trump.

Trump has repeatedly denied that his campaign headquarters with Russia, saying that about any conspiracy.