Digital dossier: what I know about you by Google and Facebook

Digital dossier: what I know about you by Google and Facebook


Цифровое досье: что знают о вас Google и Facebook

Some may be surprised by the amount of data about users in the possession of the tech giants

While the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg is preparing to testify in Congress about the existing in its company practices, Americans increasingly alarming how much personal information is collected about them technology companies.

Facebook announced that this week will begin to send out notices 87 million people whose data were submitted to the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica without their knowledge. The social network has also initiated a few changes to make it easier for users to control their data.

Although these and other changes may calms users, they increasingly ask the question: what personal information possess such technology companies as Google or Facebook, and what are they doing to her?

Both companies offer a variety of ways to check personal data and remove them.


Some may be surprised that Google knows about them.

If you have enabled the option “location History”, the company knows the route of your yesterday’s Cycling and cafe where you had lunch with the children.

Google keeps a history of your search queries and search history and YouTube videos.

If you want to know which apps have access to your Google data, you can check on this link.

To find out what he knows Google, click on the links or and click on “load all data” (download all data). After you click on the link “control your content” (control your content), you will be prompted to create an archive. Creating the archive may take several hours – depending on when you started to use Google.

Google promises that “only you can see these data” and offers to remove some pieces of data or entire categories, such as search history. However, the company also warns that the deletion of data may prevent users to get personalized help from a products and Google services in the future.


In the settings of social network ( recently introduced a new feature “Download your data” (Accessing Your Information), using which the user will be easier to upload your data.

In particular, it will be copied in your notes, photos, and videos, as well as all messages and chats. The download file also contains the interest and other topics that can use advertisers to send targeted advertising. The file will also include all advertisers, with contact information of the user. In addition, users can see list of third-party applications to which they have access using the account Facebook.

If the user will start to delete your account, Facebook will show photos of people he knew with a reminder that they “will be missed” on it.

When users will see your digital file, they will probably wonder why it collects that information, and whether to put a new limit.

A recent survey in the USA showed that 41 percent of Americans believe that Facebook complies with laws concerning privacy. But the more people trust Facebook competitors – Amazon (66 percent) and parent company Google – Alphabet (62 per cent).