Director of CIS: the shortcomings of our immigration system encourage the attacks

Director of CIS: the shortcomings of our immigration system encourage the attacks


Директор CIS: недостатки нашей иммиграционной системы поощряют теракты

Francis Cissna pointed to a massive, but poorly controlled influx of immigrants in the United States

The traditional briefing for the press at the White house today began with the fact that the press Secretary Sarah Sanders presented the journalists Francis Cissna, Director of the Federal Service citizenship and US immigration (CIS), saying that it will clarify how “the shortcomings of our immigration system” contributed to the recent terrorist act in new York.

Director Cessna began his speech with the fact that soon the administration of the trump will sound suggestions regarding how to “change the American immigration system for the better.”

Commenting on the bomb attack in Manhattan, Francis Cissna pointed out that the terrorist, Acied Ulla was in the US a legal immigrant with permanent resident status.

As explained by the Director of the CIS, the United States immigration system “consists of two main components.” The first is a program of family reunification, as in the case of Ulla, which allows naturalized US citizens with an immigrant background to apply for relocation to the United States their closest relatives.

Another principle is a device to work in America. Such immigrants, according to Sissy, make up only about 6% of the total number, while the right to family reunification are 72% of the arrivals for permanent residence. Other less significant category is refugees; political refugees; persons with extraordinary ability; people who won a green card in a lottery, etc.

Every year in the US arrive about one million new immigrants.

As pointed out by fancie’s Cessna, Acied Ulla, being the nephew of a naturalized U.S. citizen and being in Bangladesh, has obtained a legal status in the most remote degree of kinship stipulated in us immigration law.

“Bangladesh, where they arrived the suspect is an interesting case – said at a briefing Director Cessna. – This country was one of the most active participants lottery green card. So, in 2007, at the peak of the number of applications (from Bangladesh), 27% of all immigrants from this country entered (in the USA) the lottery program.”

Then Francis Cissna recalled that the previous terrorist attack in new York, hitting the crowd of passers-by October 31 – made immigrant from Uzbekistan, of which 70% of those who came to the USA in 2010, made it through the lottery green card. According to Cessna, the program lotteries, are subject to numerous frauds, – “Central Avenue for immigration from many countries.”