Dismissed guilty of the false alarm

Dismissed guilty of the false alarm


Уволен виновный в ложной тревоге

Because of an error of an official, 13 January the people of Hawaii were expecting a missile attack

The fired official, who on January 13 was a false alarm of a missile attack on Hawaii.

The investigation revealed that an employee of the emergency management Agency of the state of Hawaii and previously had a tendency to confuse the exercises and real events. Moreover, such problems with it have been observed for decades.

After this became known, the resignation of the head of the Agency Vern Miyagi (in the past, major General, U.S. Army).

According to the investigation, who submitted an alarm signal officer realized that we are talking about training, not combat alert, and gave the appropriate command. The result was alarming signals, broadcast by all TV and radio stations Hawaii, were transferred to the owners cell and regular phones, etc. On the streets of major cities, the sirens howled. Residents of the state appealed urgently to find a safe refuge, and stressed that it is a real alarm and not a drill.

Authorities took 38 minutes to cancel the alarm. Made a mistake the employee, according to the investigation, has made no effort to rectify the situation and looked confused. His place was taken by another employee.

Governor of Hawaii David IgE said that out of this incident will be learned all the lessons.