DisplayMate put the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the highest...

DisplayMate put the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the highest score


Debuted a week ago, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the review of which is already available to the readers of our site, managed to get the unofficial nickname of “style icon”. Huge display, devoid of visually distinct part of the edges left and right, and also received minimal edging on top/bottom, immediately attracted research labs DisplayMate. Recall that the organization specializiruetsya on testing of smartphone screens, revealing their shortcomings/advantages in the calibration process and some other tests. According to the scores assigned in each category the device was awarded the highest rating. It is for versions of DisplayMate the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is received in 2016, the title of “gadget with the best quality display” available mobile devices.

However, with the launch of the palm from Galaxy Note 7 was ready to adopt the matrix Galaxy S8, characterized by a diagonal of 5.8 inches and is incredible for this size resolution 2960 × 1440 pixels. The first evaluation confirmed the seriousness of the intentions Galaxy S8: novelty surpassed Galaxy S7 for the whole process stage in all directions. To surprise the smartphone managed even during power measurements of the display, which compared with those in Galaxy S7.