Do not be silent

Do not be silent


In October of this year in Hollywood there was a loud scandal: dozens of Actresses openly accused big movie producer Harvey Weinstein in sexual harassment. The incident produced a snowball effect – the light went out unsightly features of the personal lives of such Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Seagal, Kevin spacey.

Last Sunday, ordinary women took to Hollywood Boulevard to also publicly declare the issue of sexual harassment. These women know firsthand what sexual harassment is. Someone has experienced physical violence, some obscenity on the part of the head, some men’s ribald jokes. All of them have in common is that until now they did not dare to speak openly about what happened to them.

Journalist Lauren Sivan says: “If I went to the police, it would be his word against mine. What could I do? Complain to his company? They probably would have done something. All that was ten years ago – to remain silent. Today, thanks to everything that happens, it’s time to tell this story”.

Lauren was one of the first and of numerous women who claimed harassment by Harvey Weinstein. “It’s happening in the news editions across the country, in Hollywood, in fast food restaurants. This problem is not something specific only to one industry,” she says.

According to participants of the March, they suffered decades this attitude on the part of higher men, whether at work or in school, for fear of being fired and expelled, and because of the shame that goes side by side with such a situation.

Ariva Martin, attorney for human rights, said: “it is Very difficult to protect the rights of these women, as those whom they accuse, fall on them with full force, trying to embarrass, call them prostitutes, liars, “the gold diggers” (from eng. “gold digger” “gold digger”). They dig into their past, trying to find anything to discredit their words. And often the people in the office who know that sexual harassment took place, silent, as they fear dismissal.”

The goal of the movement is to create a system where women will feel safe reporting the harassment in the workplace. That, in turn, is not easy: if, for example, to appeal to the personnel Department, it is usually subordinate to the same boss. Not everyone decides to go to the police.

Carol bodice of the Feminist Majority Foundation believes: “We must rise together and say: enough! Our voices must be heard. One woman with a quiet voice, there is little, but all these women here claim loudly about the problem, they say: enough! We have to stop such behavior.”

This openness, according to participants of the March, will not allow companies to ignore such a situation in the office and will help to stop the improper conduct of the chief, which still remain unpunished.

“No fear!” – say the audience here is women. They are convinced that only together they can confront the problem, which is relevant today not only for Hollywood, but for the whole country.”