Donald trump abolished the practice of “catch and release”

Donald trump abolished the practice of “catch and release”


Дональд Трамп покончил с практикой «поймал – освободи»

The US Federal government intend to pursue a policy of “zero tolerance” towards illegal immigrants

The US President Donald trump has signed a Memorandum instructing to stop the practice known as “catch and release”.

Up to this point, immigrants who were in the U.S. illegally, after the arrest law enforcement was able to expect to have their case heard by the court, remaining at large.

The U.S. President ordered the Department of homeland security, in coordination with other agencies 45 days to prepare a report describing all the measures that were taken to implement this order.

In addition, the President ordered the Secretary of defense Jim Mattis to prepare a list of military facilities that can be used for detention of illegal immigrants in custody.

Earlier, the Minister of justice Jeff sessions said that in respect of irregular migrants who crossed the U.S. border, will be a policy of zero tolerance.

According to the Ministry of internal security of the United States, in the period from March 2017 to March 2018, the number of illegal border crossings increased by 203%, and from February to March of this year by 37%. Sessions called the situation on the us-Mexican border is “unacceptable”.

On Wednesday, President Donald trump ordered to deploy on the southern border of the United States of the National guard to combat illegal immigrants.