Donald trump addressed the graduates FBI Academy

Donald trump addressed the graduates FBI Academy


Дональд Трамп обратился к выпускникам академии ФБР

Earlier, the White house accused the intelligence Agency of supporting the opponents of President of the United States

President Donald trump will speak on Friday at a graduation ceremony at the National FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

This will be the first in recent months: in may, the head of the White house was forced to postpone the trip to the Academy because of the scandal caused by the dismissal of FBI Director James Komi.

Disputes between the President and US intelligence agencies became one of the main themes of the political life of Washington. Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the FBI. Commenting on this week’s published TEXTS a high-ranking agent of the Federal Bureau, who called the U.S. President “a complete idiot”, the White house said that the FBI’s reputation “in tatters”.

On Friday in interview to TV channel Fox News White house spokesman Johad Gigli reported that in recent months the Federal Bureau of investigation “has shown blatant political bias against the President.”

According to Gigli, “videopozdravlenie employees” intelligence “publicly supported Hillary Clinton,” which casts doubt on the conclusions of the investigative group of spectacular Robert Mueller leading an investigation about the Russian intervention in the campaign of 2016.

On the eve of the U.S. Department of justice transmitted to Congress more than 300 TEXT messages exchanged during the election campaign, FBI special agent Peter Strzok and a Department of justice lawyer Lisa Paige. At this time he Strzok was part of the investigative team, leading the business about Hillary Clinton’s use of private e-mail server for office correspondence.

In the messages the agent has criticized Donald trump and Senator Bernie Sanders, saying that he was “a million per cent” confident of victory, Clinton.

This summer Strtok was removed from the investigation of Russian intervention.