Donald trump and migrants

Donald trump and migrants


Three of the immigration Ordinance, one call to cancel a lottery for immigrants from different countries and hundreds of protests. Elected exactly a year ago, the President of the United States Donald trump as one of his predecessors active in immigration policy.

During this time, the protests of immigrants and those who support them, have become commonplace at the White house. Marches and demonstrations Donald trump has committed himself on 27 January, when he signed his first decree to the status of President of the United States, doing what he promised during the election campaign. “We will stop illegal migration, we deport every foreign criminal”, – he said then.
According to the decree, the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days was forbidden entry into the United States. The decree of the President reacted to the Federal courts and the decree suspended judge James Robert from Washington state. Such subsequent decrees suffered the same fate.

Sarah Pearce, an analyst at the migration policy Institute, recalls that the President trump, “has signed three immigration Ordinance, and they are all currently suspended by the courts. So the President definitely has a problem with this final step towards the realization of their plans.”

Third and so far last attempt to restrict entry to residents of predominantly Muslim countries, Donald trump has made less than a month ago, on October 17. At the moment the decree is suspended by the Federal court of the state of Hawaii. “We are very pleased that the decision of judge Watson was out for a few hours before the time of immigration 3.0 the decree would enter into force,” said Douglas Chin, the attorney General of the state of Hawaii.

To Sep for migration policy trump Lisette arias from Bolivia watched from the sidelines. And then the President cancelled the DACA program for children who were previously illegally imported into the United States parents. And now almost American Lisette may be deported to a country where she last was four months old. Lisette says: “I don’t know what I’d do with a job, a Bank account, I have a car, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to drive it … when will remain without documents”.

DACA does not give the right to citizenship, but allowed to work and legally live in the United States. The President has decided to let the fate of the “dreamers”, as program participants are called in America, Congress decides. And determined term – until March. Lisette and hundred of thousands like her, waiting.

This Monday they added another category of migrants. This time, the Ministry of internal security decided to review the Status of temporary protection, which allowed people from certain countries to live and work in the U.S. while their homeland recovers after a disaster. First came under attack by the natives of Nicaragua and Honduras.

Activist Ramel Sandino says that for the inhabitants of Nicaragua, the status will be valid for twelve months and six to Honduras until the government decides what to do next. “Understand, – he powercivil – most of these people live in the United States for twenty or thirty years, they have given this country, they cost our roads and bridges, homes and offices, they are part of this nation.”

The good news is that with all the unpredictability of the presidential administration, to submit and, most importantly, to implement mass deportation will be very difficult.

Ismail shahtakhtinsky, the lawyer on immigration matters, commented: “for this They would need a bigger budget to hire more judges, more immigration courts. Now the immigration courts are so swamped that the process of deporting one person can last up to four”.

But the process of obtaining a green card may now be more difficult. In particular, for those who believe and play the lottery for immigrants from different countries.

Recently, Donald trump said: “I intend to ask the Congress to immediately begin the process of eliminating this program. She only called beautiful, but she’s bad.” With this statement Donald trump made after the terrorist attack in new York when it was revealed that the driver of the truck ran over the crowd, a citizen of Uzbekistan, who won a green card.

Andrew Arthur, researcher, Center for immigration studies, believes that “to give people the opportunity to legally live in the USA only on the basis of lottery is ridiculous. For two reasons: first, it does not serve American interests – because there is no guarantee that the winner will come here to develop the country, and it’s unfair to all the other people that applied and lost.”

Ukrainian Maxim Shiyan with this assertion. For him, winning a green card was the first step towards the American dream. He went from being a waiter to a financier on wall street and sales Manager of large media companies. He says because of his move to the American Treasury was empty not a single dime. But the taxes he pays regularly. “If you came for a green card, you’re not a refugee, so the state offers nothing. Boarder I never was, except perhaps during the first year, when I was supposed free insurance. I took advantage of that,” he says.
Experts say, the lottery is only fifty thousand green cards every year. The total number of potential residents of the United States – about a million a year. This figure Donald trump to not change.

Sarah Pearce, an analyst at the migration policy Institute, says: “There is a law – Immigration, civil act. It regulates the number of green cards that can be issued annually. And the President can not affect this number. Only Congress”.

But the refugees fall within the sphere of influence of the President. And next year quota on them already cut in half, to forty five thousand. Supporters of the policy trump’s claim that each step in immigration policy is another attempt to make the US a safer country.

Andrew Arthur, researcher, Center for immigration studies, recalls: “the immigration decides, the Congress, and President Obama often ignored his directives. Now the President just trump the law. I am sure that the President is trying to protect US citizens and legal immigrants.”

Both supporters and opponents of the trump agree on one thing – the United States badly needed immigration reform because the current law is outdated on all points.