Donald trump has called for the abolition of the visa lottery

Donald trump has called for the abolition of the visa lottery


Дональд Трамп призвал отменить визовую лотерею

The President believes that in this way in the United States come the “worst of the worst”

President Donald trump on Friday called on Congress to cancel the program of the lottery visas to receive permanent resident status in the United States.

“Do you think that (other) countries to give us their best people? – said the head of the White house, speaking at a graduation ceremony at the National FBI Academy. – No. What is this system? They give us their worst people, they put (lottery tickets) in the box, but their hands when they are engaged in the selection, they really choose the worst of the worst”.

The program “Diversity Immigrant Visa” (DV-lottery), created on the initiative of the U.S. Congress, provides for the granting 55,000 visas for obtaining permanent residency in the United States, residents of countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

The administration trump has repeatedly stated that the visa lottery is allowed to enter the country “thousands of immigrants” from countries that support terrorism.

On Monday, after the suicide bomber tried to use an improvised explosive device in new York, Donald trump reiterated the need to end the draw entry visas, thereby “stopping chain migration.”

“We urge Congress to stop chain migration, and end the visa lottery system, replacing it with a system of immigration based on the achievements of (the applicant),” – said the President of the United States.