Donald trump: “I always put America’s interests first»

Donald trump: “I always put America’s interests first»


Дональд Трамп: «Я всегда ставлю интересы Америки на первое место»

The U.S. President gave the keynote speech at the world economic forum

President Donald trump on Friday delivered a keynote speech at Davos, declaring that America is open for mutually profitable business cooperation with all countries of the world.

“As President of the United States I always put America’s interests first, he said. – Just like the leaders of other countries must put first the interests of their States. But the slogan “America’s Interests first” does not mean that America is left alone. When developing the United States develops and the whole world.”

The us President arrived in Davos on the eve of the 25th of January, became the first President of the United States over the past 18 years, decided to participate in the world economic forum. Before him, the WEF has visited only bill Clinton in 2000.

Speaking during the session “Global policy influence: America first,” Donald trump said that the United States “work on reforms of the international trading system”, seeking to “bring prosperity and benefits” to countries that “play by the rules.”

“Free and transparent trade is impossible if some States continue to use this system to the detriment of other countries”, – said the President of the United States.

Donald trump said the United States will combat the “unfair rules of trade,” focusing on “the theft of intellectual property, industrial preferences (from the state) and the state planning of economic activities”.

The President said that one of the main foreign policy priorities for the United States is fighting terrorism.

He recalled that the international coalition forces led by the United States “liberated almost 100 percent of terrotorii occupied by the group “Islamic state” in Iraq and Syria, but the fight against terrorists is not yet over. The U.S. administration also intends to ensure that the refuge terroristicheskikh disparate groups became Afghanistan.