Doug Jones officially declared winner of the election in Alabama

Doug Jones officially declared winner of the election in Alabama


Даг Джонс официально объявлен победителем выборов в Алабаме

The state government confirmed his victory after the court rejected the claim of Roy Moore

Democrat Doug Jones officially declared the winner of early elections to the Senate from Alabama. The state government on Thursday confirmed the victory for Jones after the court dismissed the appeal by his rival, Republican Roy Moore, who called to review the results because of voting irregularities.

Jones – the first 25 years of a Democrat elected to the Senate from Alabama, where most of the population traditionally supports the Republicans. According to the electoral Commission, Jones was ahead of opponent by 22 000 votes, or 1.6 percent.

“I look forward to work for the benefit of residents of Alabama next year,” said Jones, calling his victory “a new Chapter for the state and country.”

Earlier on Thursday, Moore filed a lawsuit, trying to prevent the recognition of the victory Jones and insisting that the voting process was a “systematic fraud”. The text of the lawsuit noted an unexpectedly high turnout in Jefferson County, the most densely populated area of the state, as well as violations of the 20 polling stations of the district.

Moore’s attorneys demanded to investigate and call new elections. Moore rejected calls to recognize the victory of Jones.

The Secretary of state of Alabama John Merrill stated that it found no evidence of violations.

Thursday in an interview on CNN, Moore said, “will this (action)? The short answer is no.”

Moore was last in the Supreme court of the state of Alabama and is known for its strong religious beliefs. His campaign went downhill after the Washington Post published statements of several women who accused him of sexual harassment.

The claim includes a written statement of Moore, where it is stated that he passed a polygraph test, the results of which confirm that the accusations of harassment “completely false.”

“It is outrageous that a political action Committee Senate democratic Fund Senate Republicans spent millions of dollars on false and malicious advertisement against me in this campaign,” said Moore.

After the appearance of the accusations against Moore Republicans in Washington have tried to distance themselves from him.