Drank, steer a drone — in jail!

Drank, steer a drone — in jail!


The authorities of some American States propose to put the drunk operators of quadcopters, drones and helicopters to jail and fine them large sums, as they create a socially dangerous situation — reports Digital Trends.

Coming festive season, during which millions of people will buy yourself at the helicopter on the remote control, so the government of the state of new Jersey, enlisting the support of colleagues from other regions, started to push quite hard at first glance, the bill that would reclassify innocent prank drunk into the category of a criminal offense.

It would seem that such well steer the helicopter in a condition of narcotic or alcoholic intoxication, took the toy and went home. Well, if the user taxied somewhere, hurt a pedestrian or damage someone else’s property? Even a small blade flying toys, not exceeding the size of a pack of cigarettes, can cause cuts and to deliver a lot of discomfort, to say nothing of large aircraft used for racing, aerial photography, and other serious problems?

If the bill is passed, the drunk operator of the aircraft will be either fined a sum of one thousand dollars, or to imprison for six months in jail. In severe cases, it is proposed to apply both penalties.

While the proposal of the authorities of new Jersey are considering in the Senate, and the majority of States have not yet decided their position, but if the law is passed, the legal effect he will have from the end of January 2018.