Dvorkovich: the new jobs will come from startups

Dvorkovich: the new jobs will come from startups


Photo: NEWS/Paul Poor

The creation of new jobs and economic growth will be achieved mainly due to start-UPS and small innovative companies, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at the forum of young scientists U-NOVUS “the Way a technology entrepreneur in Russia: how to start a student?” in Tomsk.

According to him, these companies are now few and this has a big impact on economic growth, slowing it down. The increase in the number of small innovative enterprises can increase the growth of Russia’s GDP to 4-5%.

One reason for the low activity of young entrepreneurs Dvorkovich said that the fear of bankruptcy and understanding.

“There is no understanding that to fail is okay. Due to the successful projects we will get more,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

The desire to make a career in large companies and the excessive strictness of state organs to minor violations in business are also stopping factors to get started.

“The penalties — both direct and other options of punishment for error or failure, when we act out of ignorance or negligence. Due to historical reasons — the excessive desire to punish the system. We have it in abundance,” —said Dvorkovich.

Vice Prime Minister also noted that in some countries, are created each year hundreds of thousands of small businesses, while in Russia the number of such companies in dozens, hundreds of times less.