Earth-1: the first electric car-transformer

Earth-1: the first electric car-transformer


Japanese experts have always been not only highly qualified, but also had a good imagination. For example, recently a group of engineers from the company Four Link Systems introduced the first of its kind electric car-transformer.

And, remarkably, the design of the car was designed by the artist Kunio Okawara, known for the anime series Gundam, so the car’s appearance many compare to the head of a giant robot from the anime.

Speaking about the electric, I want to mention a special tailor-made frame. In compact form, the car has great maneuverability and takes up very little space. However, when the elements are moved apart, the center of gravity of the electric vehicle is moving below, he himself becomes longer, it loses in agility, but gains greatly in speed. The process of “transformation” is carried out with the help of special handle located in the cabin.

Now Earth-1 undergoes a final series of tests, after which will begin mass production of electric cars, transformers. Now the cost of cars is estimated at 70 000 USD, which is a lot, but it is worth considering the fact that parts to build machines of this kind do not exist on the market, so they had to develop from scratch. The developers think that their car would be a good option not only for the residents of densely populated cities, but also for agencies of car sharing. Moreover, the authors cars have every chance of success, because the company has a Four Link Systems already have many pre-orders, among which, besides the already mentioned services for car sharing, there are one of the international airports, where new cars will be used for movement throughout.