EDB in 2017, will provide for the construction in St. Petersburg more...

EDB in 2017, will provide for the construction in St. Petersburg more than 20 billion rubles.


Saint Petersburg

Photo: Anton Vaganov / TASS

The Eurasian development Bank in 2017, ready to give more than RUB 20 billion in Russian infrastructure projects. Among them, the modernization of the Main waterworks and the construction of expressways in St. Petersburg

Eurasian development Bank (EDB) plans to provide credit to state projects for the reconstruction of one of the water treatment plants of sue “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”. “The volume of investments by the EDB for the project may reach more than 8 billion rubles”, — told RBC Chairman of the Board Dmitry Pankin on the sidelines of the conference “PPP Week”. The representative of the water utility reported that preparing for the signing of the first loan agreement, specifying that the loan amount can be up to $100 million.

“Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” from the end of 2015, unsuccessfully seeking a contractor who will reconstruct the Main water supply station on the street cavalry. The work was supposed to end in 2019-2020. Terms of reception of applications for participation in the tender has been extended several times.

Negotiations on financial cooperation with EDB in the reconstruction of the water utility conducted the St. Petersburg Vice-Governor Igor Albin 27 January in Smolny. “We understand that budget is limited and open to dialogue. The city has successful experience in implementing large strategic investment projects by attracting investors, we will develop it”, said Albin.

On 20 February, the competition for the reconstruction project is once again canceled, as follows from the materials on the procurement website. As reported by “Vedomosti”, it is connected with the change of the financing scheme. If the previous source was budget investments, but now the water utility will reconstruct at the expense of subsidies for capital investments in objects of state property of St. Petersburg with the assistance of credit. As reported by RBC representative of the water utility, the contractor selection will be made on a competitive basis.

According to Pankin, the EDB may also Finance some road projects in St. Petersburg. In particular, the Bank is studying the possibility to grant the loan for the construction of Expressway length of about 11 km (road M-49), which connects Suzdal prospectus the construction of “Lahta-center”, which will become the headquarters of “Gazprom”. According to the banker, the project documentation is ready. “The signing of the agreement planned for the period until the third quarter of 2017”, — said Pankin, adding that discussing the funding is around 12 billion rubles.

Today in road construction in Saint Petersburg there are other interesting projects, says Pankin. “We do not exclude the Bank’s participation in financing the construction of the Eastern high-speed diameter”, — he added, specifying that we are talking about new high-speed pulse width of the highway bridge across the Neva river in the alignment of Earthenware and Ash streets. “This project is still in a very early stage of development”, — said the head of EDB.

In 2015, the Smolny has announced the search for an investor for the construction of the Eastern high-speed radius (IRR) — pay-latitudinal highway bypassing the center of St. Petersburg. The total route length will be about 20 km cost of the project, provisionally estimated at 150-160 billion rubles, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the words of the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. Economic and financial model of the project will be determined by the end of 2017, the official said.

“Currently formed a pool of investors that actively invest in infrastructure projects. We see that projects are successfully reaching financial close. For example, March 1 was pisacreta by a third Central ring road (TsKAD) in Moscow region”, — said the head of the group’s project Finance and infrastructure in the CIS Alina Zaborovskaya.

The construction of the Central ring

CEO of the EDB confirmed RBC Bank’s willingness to participate as investor and lender in the construction of the third section of the CRR, the project for development of infrastructure of the Moscow region. “The original agreement provided that we enter into the authorized capital of the project company”, — he said, noting that the final financing scheme is still under discussion. “I think it will require at least another month of negotiation with the other participants of the project,” he said.

The third section of the CRR with the length of 105,3 km and a value of 75.6 billion rubles plans to build a Road construction Corporation (ASC belongs DSK “Autobahn” Alexey Andreev), Gazprombank will allocate for the project is 35 billion rubles Initially participated in the project of the Spanish Sacyr Concession, but due to sanctions the company in September 2016, left it.

In January at the Gaidar forum, as reported by “Interfax”, Pankin said that the EDB will in the capital of the project company for the third plot. The contribution of the EDB will be 25 million rubles, said Pankin.