Elections in Alabama led to the turmoil on Capitol hill

Elections in Alabama led to the turmoil on Capitol hill


Выборы в Алабаме привели к потрясениям на Капитолийском холме

Democrats celebrate victory, Republicans are forced to accept the reduction of his majority in the Senate

The victory of Democrat Doug Jones in a special election for the Senate in Alabama on Wednesday caused a shock on Capitol hill, feodosiev Democrats and forcing Republicans to come to terms with the imminent reduction in their benefits in the Senate, which will complicate the legislative agenda of President Donald trump in 2018, when the country will hold midterm elections to Congress.

“We have good prospects,” triumphantly said the leader of the democratic majority of the Senate Chuck Schumer, representing the state of new York.

“It was a great night for the country, said democratic Senator from Pennsylvania Bob Casey. He showed that there are still people who can change the situation in the elections, even in a state like Alabama, where voters tend to be Republicans”.

Jones, a former Federal Prosecutor, on Tuesday snatched victory from Republican Roy Moore, a former judge of the Supreme court of the state, whose electoral campaign was overshadowed by allegations of sexual harassment of minors and young girls. The election results are not yet confirmed but it is expected that Jones will be the first in two decades, a Democrat won a Senate election in the state.

A few weeks before the election, the leaders of the Republican senators stated that Moore is not suited for the role of Senator, and some openly spoke about the need to remove him in case of victory.

“Of course, I am disappointed that the Senate will be another Democrat, but I feel relieved that we don’t have to deal with all the confusion that would arise if Moore won,” said the Republican Senator from South Dakota John Thune.

Answering the question of “voice of America” about what lesson the Republicans should learn from the situation with the elections in Alabama, Secretary of the majority party in the Senate, John kornyn, said: “This lesson is as old as the world: candidates, who have disadvantages, you lose some.”

The Republicans are trying to take an ambitious tax reform by December 25. A special urgency to this task attached to what their current majority in two votes will be reduced by half after joining Jones in the post.

For confirmation of the election results in Alabama can take up to two weeks, and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that before the end of the year post will be for Senator Luther Strange.

Democrats want to delay a vote on taxes until the moment that Jones will take the oath.

“He (Jones) won the elections, – said Schumer. – From the Republican senators would be wrong to push the bill for taxes, without giving the new Senator from Alabama the opportunity to vote”.

Democrats note that Republicans have put forward a similar demand after their fellow party member Scott brown won the 2010 special election in Massachusetts, when were in the majority the Democrats were preparing to vote on health care reform.

The Republicans rejected any delay in the vote on tax reform, but some of them acknowledge that the advantage in one voice the priorities of their party will face in the future with legislative obstacles.

“(Our) intention all along was to hold a (voting) tax before Christmas, and I think our schedule will allow it,” said Thune. But it is obvious that next year will be different. Our majority significantly narrowed”.

Meanwhile, the Democrats said after last Tuesday’s election in Alabama waiting for the midterm elections of 2018, with growing optimism.

“The Republican brand is clearly unfavorable – even in red (Republican – GA) Alabama, said Chuck Schumer. – If they will continue to govern in the interests of a few powerful (groups) of the rich, then Alabama will have many more”.

Republicans, however, insist that far from panic.

“We saw that the people of Alabama made a decision, and in a few people will see how this decision will affect the legislation as a whole”, – said the Senator from South Carolina Tim Scott.

Whatever is promised a future, democratic Senator Benjamin Cardin (MD) stressed that the victory of Democrat Jones in the traditionally Republican Alabama demonstrated that America lost the ability to self-government.

“Ultimately, the power belongs to the people. And the people of Alabama showed that last night,” said Cardin.