Electronic cigarettes can rise in price twice

Electronic cigarettes can rise in price twice


After putting excise taxes on nikotinsoderzhaschie liquid in the new year Smoking a regular cigarette become more profitable

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After three months of disposable electronic cigarettes can rise in price for 40 rubles, and the cost of a 30-ml bottle of liquid for refillable electronic devices will jump two to three times to almost thousand rubles. This forecast gives the largest retailers in the case that the intention of the Treasury to impose excise duty for this product will be implemented in 2017. Consumers this price tag is not pull, experts say, and again take up regular cigarettes.

Six of the leading sellers and distributors of electronic cigarettes (“Verdex”, “Ponce”, “Babylon”, etc.), on 18 October, addressed to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. In his letter, the entrepreneurs identified conflict points that arise in the case of excise taxes with disposable cigarettes and nikotinsoderzhaschie liquid in the next year. About the intentions of the Ministry of Finance became aware of the project “Main directions of tax policy for 2017 and the planning period of 2018 and 2019”, which has already provoked a strong reaction among cigarette manufacturers and manufacturers of non-alcoholic beer. Now the document is at the stage of interagency coordination.

According to retailers and suppliers, the Finance Ministry’s proposals will inevitably lead to higher prices. Thus, the cost of disposable electronic cigarettes will increase by 40 cents apiece when the average cost of 200 rubles. A 30-ml bottle nikotinsoderzhaschie liquid, which is the equivalent of about three packs of cigarettes skyrocket in price in two times (from today’s 350-450 to 800-900 rubles) — if we consider that the Finance Ministry proposes to introduce excise duty at a rate of 15 roubles for 1 ml of liquid. Although this is not the only consequence that can lead to the initiative of the Ministry.

So, “dishonest sellers will offer the consumer to purchase nicotine, which you can add in “‘t nicotine-Jones liquid”, making it nikotinsoderzhaschie”, write the representatives of the companies in their appeal to the Minister of Finance. Nicotine, in their opinion, can be easily purchase in online stores.

“Many consumers in order to save cash may go towards the purchase of ingredients and prepare nikotinsoderzhaschie liquids”, — specified in the letter of entrepreneurs in the Finance Ministry.

In fact customers cease to be interested in nikotinsoderzhaschie liquid, and the budget in the end will not receive any fees, are confident sellers and distributors of these products. Meanwhile, self-prepared e-liquid for electronic vaporizers can lead to serious consequences for health and even the life of a smoker, warn businessmen. First, there is the danger of nicotine overdose, and secondly, there is a risk of contact with substances on the skin and mucous membranes.

According to the head of the Agency “Russian tobacco” Maxim Korolev, the market volume of electronic cigarettes and liquid nikotinsoderzhaschie in Russia by the end of 2015 amounted to $215 million, an increase compared to 2014, about 30%. Same forecast for growth in 2016. It is worth noting that cigarettes and liquids in Russia only imported. Meanwhile, according to a study by Ernst & Young, which was held in September of 2015, only about 1% of adult Russians are using electronic cigarettes, 39% prefer the classic. The largest percentage of electronic smokers in the UK (4%) and France (3.5 percent). According to experts, only in Russia smoke nearly 40 million people.

According to Queen, the liquid with nicotine can rise and three times, if you take the cheapest options products.

— People with such increased prices may return to conventional cigarettes, he said. — Good goals, which are pursued in the transition to Smoking electronic cigarettes, for example the rejection of carcinogens will be completely neutralized.

The judge said that today, most e-cigarette users practising dual intake, that is, is in the process of transition from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones.

The head of the Movement for the rights of smokers Andrew rags agree with my colleague — the price increase will encourage consumers to return to conventional cigarettes.

— Similar policy on electronic cigarettes, which are considered more secure compared to normal, it looks strange, — he said.

Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev does not see anything wrong in the proposal of the Ministry of Finance. In his opinion, electronic cigarettes choose not because of the price.

The health Ministry also does not expect a reverse migration of consumers from the electronics to the classics.

— Such fears we have, because the proportion of consumers of electronic cigarettes is much less, — has declared “news” the representative of the Ministry.