Elon Musk admitted that Tesla is developing its own AI processors

Elon Musk admitted that Tesla is developing its own AI processors


No matter how Elon Musk is weary regarding the future of artificial intelligence, he understands that without it can not do. Including his own company Tesla, whose cars rely heavily on the autopilot. And that, in turn, will not be able to adequately react to the surrounding changes, not being equipped with an advanced AI and powerful hardware for it to work. The conference NIPS Musk has publicly acknowledged that the engineers of his company in the moment, create their own AI processors, which very soon will form the basis of new models of cars Tesla.

“I want you to understand me correctly: Tesla is very serious about the issue of artificial intelligence. Not only in terms of software development, but also in the creation of iron. At the moment Jim is working on a specialized AI hardware, which we think will be the best in the world at the time of its release,” Musk shared with the audience at the conference.

Jim, whom he mentioned in his speech, Elon Musk, is Jim Keller, the famous engineer of the processors who worked for such companies as AMD and Apple, before in 2016, joined the company Tesla. A little later Sam Keller joined the speech Mask on stage and began to discuss with the audience current issues concerning the development of artificial intelligence. With them were Andrew Carpathians are a leading expert Tesla on the development of artificial intelligence, and a specialist in AI, Siobhan Zilis from Bloomberg Beta.

Musk is well known regarding his optimism about Autonomous cars, but it has very pessimistic views on the future of artificial intelligence, as we have repeatedly told you. During his speech, he voiced his firm belief that in the next ten years about half of all descended from the conveyor cars will operate under the control of the autopilot based on artificial intelligence. He also believes that a full artificial intelligence would be developed in about 7-8 years.