Elon Musk has given permission for the digging of the tunnels in...

Elon Musk has given permission for the digging of the tunnels in Baltimore


Some time ago the authorities of the American cities and States argued that did not give The Boring Company permission for the construction of tunnels, and the Musk they got it wrong. However, it seems that the ice was broken, and the first construction contract has already been signed. The American Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan in an interview with reporters confirmed that his team works closely with The Boring Company Ilona Mask. Hogan noted that the system of fast electric vehicles really will be laid between Baltimore, where construction will begin, and Washington, and then may be extended to new York.

It is assumed that the tunnels dug by The Boring Company can become not only a transportation detours planned initially. Some of them Musk plans to turn Hyperloop is a branch, according to the assurances of the Mask, will be built between new York and Washington. In the case that the idea will be realized through the tunnels will slide fast passenger and cargo capsules at speeds up to 1,100 miles per hour.

Last year, the head of SpaceX and Tesla, said that he is in mad traffic, so he founded a company for drilling tunnels. Recently, Elon Musk said that “public transport sucks”, comparing the trip on it with torture. If the experience of Maryland is positive, the contract for laying high-speed Hyperloop branches will soon conclude and the property of other States.