Elon Musk showed the new missile Big Falcon Rocket

Elon Musk showed the new missile Big Falcon Rocket


Elon Musk has published on his page in Instagram photo with one of the parts of the housing of the new booster BFR, which will be designed for missions to other planets. And as you can see, on the background of one part mounted next to the electric car Tesla Model 3 looks like a real baby, which, by the way, and wonder in the comments.

Recall that Big Falcon Rocket is a missile project of the new generation of the company SpaceX, which in the future should be used for missions to the moon and Mars. According to the latest plans of the company, the BFR will have to replace the current family of rockets, the Falcon Heavy, somewhere in the 2020-ies. It will be much larger than existing. Length will be about 106 meters and a diameter of 9 meters.

To be the missile will be two fully reusable stages with the possibility of a controlled landing on the Ground, and three payload options: interplanetary spacecraft Big Falcon Spaceship, space tanker and truck to launch satellites and missions to the ISS.

A space ship Big Falcon Spaceship will contain 825 cubic meters of pressurized volume with accommodation for up to 40 cabin crew, common areas, warehouses, kitchens, and shelters in case of solar flares. One of the first flights of the ship will be on Mars Elon Musk plans to send a manned mission in the first half of the 2020s.

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