Elon Musk will build a Hyperloop station in Washington

Elon Musk will build a Hyperloop station in Washington


While the authorities of other U.S. States are considering whether or not to allow the Mask to dig their tunnels in Washington prefer to act. On the days of The Boring Company received permission to conduct the preparatory and excavation work in the Parking lot near shopping Mall National Mall — it is here that soon can appear the first station for high speed train Hyperloop.

The construction permit for the station — only the first part of the plan proposed by Musk city Department of transportation. Now officials are exploring the possibility of creating a network of tunnels Hyperloop, but so far it is only theory — passenger transportation with a speed of thousands of miles per hour remains to be considered carefully for safety.

Representatives of the company have confirmed that the site on new York Avenue may indeed be the first host in the future transport system. Probably The Boring Company planning to build under the city’s own version of the Hyperloop designers and engineers last year.

Recall that at the end of 2017 of intent to cooperate with The Boring Company was declared and the Governor of Maryland. He confirmed that the company jointly with the state government working on the concept of high-speed branches of the electric vehicle, able to connect Baltimore and Washington.