Elon Musk will build a test tunnel in the suburbs of Los...

Elon Musk will build a test tunnel in the suburbs of Los Angeles


The Boring Company, owned by Elon musk, has achieved from the authorities of California to permit the construction of a test tunnel in Hawthorne. Before that, builders could dig tunnels only in the territory belonging to the company SpaceX.

A new test tunnel will be located outside the territory of SpaceX and will be laid near the town of Horton on the depth of about thirteen meters. The decision to give the Mask the opportunity recently issued by the city Council. The depth was calculated on the basis of practical considerations, because at a smaller distance from the surface are various cables, plumbing and other communications.

Experts The Boring Company assured residents that work the drilling machine will not affect the daily life of the town — people simply will not notice its presence. The length of the tunnel is about three kilometers. To lay it will be along municipal roads, avoiding residential and administrative-industrial buildings. After all the necessary tests, the tunnel will be covered with earth or poured concrete, so it does not attract unwanted attention and do not create a potential danger of collapse.

In the future, the company plans to dig a network of tunnels that will connect the major cities and will allow to solve the congestion problem. Earlier, Elon Musk has published pictures of the drilling machine and provided a demonstration video, which tells about the working principle of automated underground trolleys that tunnel, too, are planning to implement.