Error of the programmer froze on cryptocotyle $ 280 million

Error of the programmer froze on cryptocotyle $ 280 million


Programmer with the nickname devops199 working with their smart-contract Parity, by mistake deleted the library that provides the wallets, was from mid-summer to the present. Now in the purses frozen about $ 280 million in essential terms, which, it seems, will not be able to recover.

Service multipacting purses Parity was considered one of the most secure, because to access to this wallet and various operations need to have multiple digital signatures. It is very convenient, as the attackers one code to access the wallet will not be enough. So often wallets Parity used a variety of funds, startups and large private holders. Wallet, you can configure “under him”, putting him security settings and rules of transactions, in addition, Parity was much faster than the official client, which also was a huge plus.

It is known that the unpleasant situation was Gavin wood, head of the Parity, which froze the air in the amount of about $ 90 million. A complete list of owners of the blocked purses are lined in a special document drawn up by the team Parity.

The company released an official statement in which he said that the frozen because of an error of the programmer means to withdraw or transfer somewhere else, most likely, simply will not happen. The head of the security Department of the Ethereum Foundation believes that the only way of salvation is hardwork. In the case of hard forks in the code of the broadcast made such changes that its nodes will require a mandatory update. Without upgrading the old units will cease to understand the new, which will be two completely unrelated networks.

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