Europe can’t afford sanctions for another year, the United States — three

Europe can’t afford sanctions for another year, the United States — three


The President of the Association “Know Eurasia” Antonio Fallico — why the anti-Russian measures need to cancel

Photo: TASS/Alexander Ryumin

Verona finished Fifth Eurasian forum, the beginning of which was marked by a big surprise. From participation in the event refused Italian Prime Minister Mario Renzi, who was scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev. In the end, the forum was held no high-ranking politicians. About the reasons it occurred, there was tension in relations between Russia and Italy, why not take into account the opinion of our country in matters of geopolitics and Economics, but also when they can be lifted sanctions, the correspondent of “Izvestia” Anne of Kalitinoy said the President of the Association “Know Eurasia” Antonio Fallico, under the patronage of which was the forum.

— Initially the program of the forum included the participation of Prime Ministers of Italy and Russia, Minister of economy of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev and energy Minister Alexander Novak, but in the end they all came. And as far as I know, the Russian side was ready for the meeting, but refused it Mario Renzi. Why?

— Rienzi explained by the fact that is located in Brussels. You know. And on Thursday let us know that he voted against new anti-Russian sanctions. But for us, it has a relative interest. That’s because it was not the politicians, the forum in terms of business was a more practical result.

But does this mean that after a noticeable warming — especially after the SPIEF, where he was well represented by the Italian side, between our countries again raised the voltage?

— Of course, it does. Naturally, the signals came from different fields. We were waiting for our American friends, who also has not appeared. It is the politicians. But we had business, so I am very happy.

— But whether this tension against the backdrop of worsening in Syria to disturb the relations between our countries and the same business?

— I think not. Will be held November 8 (election day of the President of the United States. — “News”), then in Italy on 4 December constitutional referendum will be held (the referendum made the question of a substantial change of the basic law of the country, resulting in changing the political device. — “News”), and the sun will rise. And everyone will pretend that nothing happened.

— On the forum much was said about the Eurasian Union like the European Union. Is it realistic? Whether the EEU to become a new EU?

Next year we plan to focus on that. Parallel to the forum we organize a session behind closed doors. It will involve three or four Ministers of the EEC (Eurasian economic Commission) on the one hand, and three or four members of the European Commission on the other hand. But all this will be on an informal level. We are an independent organization and working to improve the investment and business climate. But we are ready to help and facilitate such meetings. We already have preliminary agreement, and therefore, we think that Verona will be a platform not only for the business forum of companies from Europe, Russia and the greater Eurasia — there will be organized this kind of meeting that will be a great achievement.

— Do you think that the Union of our countries in the full Union is possible?

I’m not saying that this is possible. I’m saying that it is real.

— The forum also discussed the issue of whether a Brexit influence in the Eurasian integration. What do you think about this?

— An interesting but difficult question. We didn’t even know what will happen when Britain will start to withdraw from the EU. Because the UK will probably insist on maintaining bilateral economic relations with the EU. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande all say they are against it. I think then, as usual, wins the realism. Let’s see what happens in the coming months. From January 1, should begin to materialize discussion on this topic. It is important for us that all began to understand that without Russia it is impossible to do in economic, geopolitical problems and security issues.

— Why do you think that Russia can not be ignored?

— It is necessary to state that we in Europe and North America are experiencing a systemic economic crisis. And you just need to understand who, what and how to whom it sells. So whether we like it or not, but new markets in which is tested the need is not the old, familiar and new: Russia, countries of the Eurasian Union. This is from the point of view of the economy.

As for geopolitics, it should be noted that there is no one “policeman”, a unipolar world is over. The movement toward a multipolar world began. When this process is complete, we don’t know, but it will not stop. In the era of globalization it is very difficult to predict the timing. Something that would seem to take years a few months.

We’re talking about Russia as the center of the Eurasian Union, not because we like it so much. We just know that without it we have nowhere to go. This is a compulsory stage. Not a choice but a necessity.

— Don’t contradict your thesis about the care of unipolarity failure Mario Renzi under American pressure, from participation in the forum?

— This is an opportunistic step. We call this opportunism, though I don’t like that word.

— On the forum there has been much talk about sanctions, but in terms of creating the Customs Union, they lose their relevance. European business can easily trade with Russia through Belarus or Kazakhstan, is not it?

— Yes, this is already happening. And not only through the countries of the Eurasian Union, but also in Serbia, for example. No one questions that need to circumvent and outwit the existing sanctions. We advocate that they just canceled. Because the sanctions have not only the commercial effect is very dangerous and a major political step, which destroys trust between the two countries, poison the atmosphere. They definitely need to cancel.

— Do you have forecast of when it can be lifted sanctions?

— I will say this: Europe can afford to keep sanctions during the year, and the US — for three years.