Europe has become more accessible and more popular

Europe has become more accessible and more popular


Reducing the cost of permits in the countries of the Old world ranged from 6 to 11%, while demand increased by a quarter

Photo: REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

Tours to Europe became more affordable for Russians. According to the Unified interdepartmental information-statistical system (EMISS), travel to the countries of the Old world for the year are cheaper for the Russians to 6-11%. A similar reduction of prices is fixed and tour operators. They expect this will increase demand for European tours.

According EMISS, in February, the average cost of excursion trip by bus to the cities of Europe amounted to 39,2 thousand roubles — 11% less than a year ago (44,1 thousand). Cheaper and travel to certain countries, which are official statistics. So, a tour to Germany for a year became more accessible 8%, down from 61.9 per thousand in February 2016 to 56.8 thousand in the same month this year. The trip to France also now cost 8% less — an average of such a tour is 63,8 thousand roubles instead of last year’s 69.1 per thousand. Tour in Greece for the year was more accessible 9%, a decrease in price from 49.1 thousand to 44.7 thousand. Holiday in Spain lost in the price 6% and in February cost of 53.9 thousand rubles instead of 57.2 thousand rubles a year earlier.

The trend stands out Finland trip to that country rose by 9% to 24.2 thousand.

Scores for all rounds are calculated on the expected duration of the journey seven days.

First Vice-President of the Association of turoperatorov Russia Vladimir Kantarovich said that the main reason of reducing the cost of travel to Europe — the stabilization of the ruble against the dollar and the Euro. Indeed, according to the Bank, the weighted average rate of 77.2 rubles per dollar in February 2016 fell to 58.4 per ruble in February 2017. The weighted average Euro rate in the same period fell from 85,9 to 62.2 rubles.

— Of course, cheapened tours buy more, — stated Vladimir Kantarovich.

General Director of “Santris Tour” Andrew Hovhannisyan confirmed that the price of a trip to Europe has decreased over the year by about 10%, while demand increased by a quarter.

— Demand has increased in all directions by about 20-25%. In winter, many people began to consider Europe — was not the same in Egypt and had to choose other destinations. Many liked the idea of a walk through European cities, — said the expert.

He added that lower prices for the tours also contributed to the growth of demand for them. In the coming months the trend will continue: the price of a trip to Europe continue to decline and demand to grow.

— Demand will grow, if maintained political and economic stability. About the rest of people think when you feel fine, — said Andrey Oganesyan.


As previously reported by “Izvestia”, until recently the share of tourists abroad Russians declined. According to Ipsos, Comcon, in 2014, one in ten residents of large cities (100 thousand+) visited a foreign tourist trip, in 2015 —only 8%, and in 2016 — and at 6%.