Every fifth smartphone in the world fake

Every fifth smartphone in the world fake


Fake gadgets

The international Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) published the results of a study of the world market of gadgets, according to which every fifth mobile phone and every fourth gaming console have signs of tampering.

The study is published on the website of the organization. Experts have found that manufacturers of counterfeit goods in the first place fake batteries, smartphone chargers, memory cards, magnetic strip cards, hard drives and music players.

According to customs reports, 2016, the total number of counterfeit goods in world trade does not exceed 2.5%. However, according to the same custom in 2013, the volume of counterfeit gadgets on the world market is actually much higher, at 6.5%. “The high cost of smartphones and accessories, as well as existing demand make the best counterfeit production, which increases with the increase of range,” the study says.

The rating fakes

The percentage of counterfeit game consoles and controllers is 25%. Followed by the audio device, like headphones and microphones – 19%. The same percentage is fake smartphones and parts. 15 % – fake memory card. Completing the list of hard drives and smart cards- 2% and 1% respectively.

The number of counterfeits in various kinds of gadgets
according to the Organization for economic cooperation and development