Ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica, told about relations of Russia

Ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica, told about relations of Russia


Экс-сотрудник Cambridge Analytica рассказал о связях компании с Россией

Christopher Wiley gave testimony in the Senate judiciary Committee

A former employee of Cambridge Analytica Christopher Wiley, to disclose information about the collection of personal data of network users Facebook, on Wednesday said that a new “cold war” is already on the web.

Speaking at a hearing in the Senate judiciary Committee USA, Wiley announced that the company Cambridge Analytica and its associated firm SCL have the capacity to conduct “offensive operations” in cyberspace, including hacking computer servers and gathering compromising materials on public figures and private individuals.

According to him, at least, two of the leaders of the research companies have links with the controversial founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange. Christopher Wiley also said “constant contact” manual Cambridge Analytica with Russia. According to the former employee, the firm used a hired Russian experts, has shared information with Russian companies, including associated with the intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation. In addition, the management of Cambridge Analytica recommended that its clients consider projects proposed by researchers from Russia. In internal communications, according to Wylie, was repeatedly discussed questions of employment of the company former employees of the Russian special services.

In 2016, the Cambridge Analytica specialists were brought to work on the campaign of Donald trump. The firm was at the center of a scandal in March this year when it was revealed, crossedover illegally gained access to personal data of network users Facebook. According to the latest data, all information was gathered about 87 million people.

This information revealed former research Director of the Internet company Christopher Wiley. In April of this year, he held a briefing for Democrats in the U.S. Congress, first stating Cambridge Analytica relations with the Russian representatives. Republicans in the House of representatives refused to take part in the event.

In early may, Cambridge Analytica and SCL has announced that it will stop working.