Exorbitant service: how the company helps to get the money back for...

Exorbitant service: how the company helps to get the money back for the cancellation


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In Russia there is a service that helps travelers get the money back for the delay or cancellation of flights. However, expect to recover only passengers European destinations

From Europe with money

Service Compensair, the essence of which is assistance in obtaining compensation from airlines was launched in the summer of 2016. Customers simply fill out the application form on the website, after which the interaction with carriers up until the trial takes on an online service. To compensate, you can count on in the case if the flight was delayed more than three hours, cancelled without notice or if the passenger was denied boarding. For their services and service charges 25% of the amount of funds disbursed. Says founder and CEO Compensair Roman Gilmanov, currently, are about 2 thousand applications.

The experience Compensair, are approved about 65% of cases. In the case of emergencies that have occurred through no fault of the airline (weather conditions, strikes, etc.), compensation is not paid.

An even more serious limitation is that the service solves the problem only within the framework of EU law, and therefore applies only to European airlines or the flight was carried out from the EU. According to the statistics of Eurostat, in Europe and out of there every year fly about 900 million people. Approximately 0.75% of them are faced with a flight delay over three hours and, accordingly, are entitled to compensation. The average amount of compensation is €400, and the total amount reaches €2.7 billion per year.

Help yourself

The Russian authorities do not provide statistics on default by the airline. On the website of the Federal air transport Agency reported 3453 citizens received by the Ministry during the first half of 2016 (that’s 32% more than in the first half of 2015). The representative of Rosaviation Sergey Izvolsky has noted that some of them are including cases that are related to the failure of the airline’s contractual obligations, their number increased after the bankruptcy of “Transaero” at the end of last year.

The actual number of problematic situations, of course, much more. According to this indicator, Russia is not only equal, but ahead of Europe. “In Europe, a completely different climate there is warmer and the distance is much less. Russia’s population density is small and the distances huge. What in Europe is considered to be the main transport to our regional,” explains editor in chief Avia.ru Roman Gusarov.

The airline “Aeroflot”, “Win”, “Ural airlines” are unable to provide you with comments on the number of complaints from passengers and volumes of payments.

The punctuality of Russian airlines by the end of 2015 become “Vim-Avia”, “azure air”, “Iraero” and “Yakutia”, reported by “RIA Rating”, citing data from the Federal air transport Agency. They were detained in 2015 more than 11% of their flights. “Vim-Avia” and “azure air” spetsializiruyutsya on Charter flights, the punctuality which is traditionally lower, than at regular. Optionally “Iraero” and “Yakutia” is associated with main regions of their presence. They fly in the far North and the far East, which often happens to be bad weather.

In the summer of 2016, Sony has issued warnings to six Charter carriers, flying with a significant time delay. “The problem is quite relevant to a number of companies share of sorties carried out with a delay, takes from 10 to 15%,” — said the Chairman of inter-regional arbitration court of Moscow and Moscow region the lawyer Oleg Sukhov.

The practice of compensation for delays in Russia are not so popular and widespread in Europe, says lawyer Vladimir Postnik. In Europe is taken into account the time delay and the distance of the delayed flights — the more, the greater compensation. In Russia the amount of compensation is tied to the minimum wage and, according to the Air code, is 25% of the minimum wage for each hour of delay, but not more than half of the cost of the ticket. Not all citizens are ready to active actions for the sake of such a sum, says Postanak. Even less Russians affected by punktualnost airlines reach the courts. RBC surveyed lawyers consider that these kinds of lawsuits all over the country no more than one or two dozen.

“Because of the specific geographical, undeveloped ground-based infrastructure, we still have not grown and such a decision (on payment of compensation. — RBC) will bring only harm”, — says Roman Gusarov. In his opinion, it will be very difficult to prove, in any case, the delay was caused by the airline, in which — through no fault of her reasons.

In 2015, the Ministry of transport proposed to introduce compensation from 12 thousand to 28 thousand rbl. for passengers who missed the flight because of overbooking (sale the airline is obviously a larger number of tickets than there are seats on the plane). However, at the moment the project is still being worked within the Ministry.

The delay on takeoff


In July 2015 the flight from Belgorod to Moscow, the airline “Victory” was delayed more than 13 hours due to a technical malfunction. The spare aircraft was not provided. In September a court fined “Victory” on 100 thousand rubles.


In October 2015, “Transaero”, which was the second largest volume of traffic in Russia stopped the activity. In the period October to 15 December, the ticket reissued to flights of “Aeroflot”. Passengers with tickets on date of departure after December 15 could refund you in full. As he wrote “Interfax”, for the transportation of passengers of the bankrupt airline “Aeroflot” has spent 17 billion rubles.


In July—August 2016 the airline “Vim-Avia” systematically delayed flights. Sometimes the delay was up to nine hours. Representatives of the airline explained that the maximum intensity of aircraft operation in the summer time and technical problems. 20 Jul 2016 Rosaviatsia has issued a warning to airlines about the possibility of limitation of the certificate on performance of Charter flights.


In July 2016 at the Simferopol airport was detained 15 flights of different air companies (Nordavia, “Vim-Avia”, “Aeroflot”, “globe”, “Russia”, “Yamal”). The incident occurred due to blocking of the runway by the aircraft of the airline “Yamal”. Passengers were provided with meals and accommodation at the hotel.