Experts have rejected more than half of butter in Russia

Experts have rejected more than half of butter in Russia


The production of butter, September 2005

Photo: Ruslan Krivobok/RIA Novosti

More than half sold in Russia butter do not meet sanitary standards and other mandatory requirements, announced Roskoshestvo, examining 64 trademarks. Manufacturers have put the results of the examination into question

Roskoshestvo summed up the results of the study butter 64 Russian and foreign brands, told RBC in the press service of the organization (established by government “in order to increase the level of citizens ‘confidence in Russian products”).

Among the analyzed samples, in particular, includes such brands as “Prostokvashino” (JSC “Danone Russia”), “little house in the country” (JSC “Wimm-bill-Dann”), “Karat” (JSC Moscow factory of processed cheeses “CARAT”), “Hut” (manufacturer — JSC “Potato field Orlovshina”), “Crossroads” (CJSC “Ozeretskoe dairy” by order of ZAO “th “Perekrestok”) and others.

High-quality products were recognized as samples only 18 brands, 10 meet all the mandatory requirements, said a spokesman for Roskoshestvo Mar Galicheva. In the 14 brands was discovered deviations from the claimed composition. In particular, in eight cases, manufacturers replace natural milk fat with a vegetable. Eight more producers have reduced the fat content of butter, adding the production of the composition of water, the study says.

In the production of 18 brands of laboratory studies have already revealed violations of sanitary-hygienic norms, such as the presence of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes, and even E. coli, list the authors of the study.

The results were sent to the manufacturers and to the CPS, says Galicheva. According to her, inspection of butter — the first study of Roccasecca in the market of dairy products, however, there are plans for 2017 — to conduct a similar examination of milk, cheese, yogurt and condensed milk.

The representative of Rospotrebnadzor confirmed that knows about the study of Roskoshestvo, but from the reviews, what practical consequences it may have abstained.

Less restrained was the manufacturers, whose products, according to Roskoshestvo, was unsatisfactory. As stated by the founder and owner of GC “Neva cheeses” albert sufiyarov, he “doesn’t trust this body (Roskoshestvo — approx. RBC), the results of their research” and sees it as “unfair competition”. “How were samples for the samples, it is not clear, says Suverov. — We have no quality violations. We do weekly over dozens of weekly tests in independent laboratories”.

Andrey Krivenko, owner of a chain “Hut”, which sells under the same brand of products from different farms, notes that often the detection of Escherichia coli due to incorrect method of sampling. “Sometimes check expired products,” — said Krivenko. He also added that “Hut” is constantly losing all the products in the labs and collaborating with her producers are obliged to undergo audit for quality management system. Materials from Roskoshestvo the company has not received, said Krivenko.

X5 Retail Group (networks “Perekrestok”, “Karusel” and “Pyaterochka”), one of their own brands which also was called into question, to a request to RBC did not answer. With “Magnet”, whose brand oil Roskoshestvo also accused in compliance with sanitary norms, could not be reached.

In defense of the producers said the Chairman of the National Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko) Andrey Danilenko. “Soyuzmoloko believes is right to note that the identification of inconsistencies on the part of the indicators can not be the fault of the manufacturer, Transporter and retailers, so every case of infringement should be examined Supervisory and control bodies”, — said Danilenko.

ANO “Russian quality system” was established by Government order in April, 2015 for “raising consumer awareness and promoting high-quality Russian goods on the domestic and foreign markets,” according to the organization’s website. Among its other founders appear on chamber of Commerce and industry, “OPORA Rossii”, “Delovaya Rossiya” and about ten public organizations and associations.

Funding is from the Ministry of industry and trade, in 2015, it was $ 180 million rubles of budget appropriations under the state program “Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness.” These funds are used to purchase samples of products in stores and carrying out their independent examination. Domestic producers, whose products are responsible, from the point of view of Roccasecca, high standards are invited to go through the voluntary certification and obtain the so-called “quality Mark”.

However, research of Roskoshestvo often led to scandalous consequences for manufacturers. For example, in the spring of 2016, she recognized the poor half of the red caviar and almost all salmon slices sold in Moscow shops, and in the summer found that in 40% of cases under the guise of cod sold in cheaper types of fish, and that shirt Zara, MNG and Bellford unsafe for health.

What and where have found Roskoshestvo

  • Increased contamination with microorganisms: “Nevskie Syry” (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Tysiacha ozer” (OOO “Neva cheese”), “meadow freshness” (OJSC “Rzhevskij maslosyrkombinat”), “Farmers” (JSC “Maslodel”), Danke Anke (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Vologda” (JSC “Northern Milk”), Malkom (“Mytishchi dairy factory”), “Oka River” (“ZAO TORGOVYJJ Dom Oka-Reka”).
  • E. coli: “Doyarushka” (LLC “Industrial complex “Il 95”), ShannonGold (manufactured by OOO “Neva cheese” by order of “AI-Di-Bi Rus”), “Nevskie Syry” (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Tysiacha ozer” (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Farmers” (JSC “Maslodel”), Danke Anke (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Vologda” (JSC “Northern Milk”), “Russian milk” (OJSC “Orsha dairy industrial complex”), Baltkom, OOO (OOO “Baltkom uni”), Malkom (“Mytishchi dairy factory”), “Joy of taste” (JSC “elanskii maslosyrkombinat”), “Oka River” (“ZAO TORGOVYJJ Dom Oka-Reka”), “Ostankino” (OJSC “Ostankino dairy combine”), “Hut” (CJSC “Potato field Orlovshina”), “Smets” (OJSC “an’kovskaya”), “Just” (CJSC “Ozeretskoe dairy” by order of ZAO “th “Perekrestok”).
  • The excess of standards for presence of yeast and mould: “Nevskie Syry” (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Farmers” (JSC “Maslodel”), Danke Anke (OOO “Neva cheese”), “Joy of taste” (JSC “elanskii maslosyrkombinat”), “Oka river” (“ZAO TORGOVYJJ Dom Oka-Reka”), “Milk style” (TD “Mimal”), “Ostankino” (OJSC “Ostankino dairy combine”)
  • The discrepancy between the stated standard in the thermal stability (the ability of oil to retain the shape at room temperature): Arla Natura (manufactured by LLC “RUS kochmeister” by order of the company “Arla foods”), “Aantal” (JSC “Creamery “Porkhov”), Baltkom, OOO (OOO “Baltkom uni”), “Belarusian” (OJSC “Rzhevskij maslosyrkombinat”), “Vkusnoteevo” (branch of JSC “Dairy plant “Voronezh” “kalacheevsky cheese factory”), “Vologda meadows” (JSC “Paveletskaya milk factory”), “Hut” (CJSC “Potato field Orlovshina”), “milieu” (JSC “ALEV”), “Correct oil” (“Agroinvestsugurta Farm Growth”), “Mu-u” (OOO Agrokombinat “Ryazan”), “Vologda” (manufactured by LLC “factory “Il 95” custom-UI “Scab”)