Experts on sanctions against Russia and the “Kremlin report”

Experts on sanctions against Russia and the “Kremlin report”


Эксперты о санкциях против России и "Кремлевском докладе"

Analyst Stephen Blank believes that the sanctions are aimed not at undermining support for Vladimir Putin in the country, and to Putin’s inner circle

The most important article of the “Law on combating the enemies of America by sanctions,” signed by President trump in August 2017, is the so-called “Kremlin report”. So says the Deputy Chairman of the “Open Russia” Vladimir Kara-Murza.

“You know, this is a very unhealthy excitement causes this article in recent months in Moscow. I know for sure that some of the people that are, say, fear that their names are on this list, they sent emissaries, lobbyists in Washington to try to make their names in the list has not appeared. I think for this reason alone we can judge the importance of this article, this initiative”, – he said.

Vladimir Kara-Murza notes that the biggest fear is public disclosure of the names. The U.S. government, according to him, make the important step of openly calling those in Russia who are involved in human rights violations and corruption as was the case with the “Magnitsky List”.

“It is very important that the us government, the us government is finally beginning to call a spade a spade. And finally begin to talk openly, that today in Russia the government is not a democratically elected government, and is, the actual mafia clan”, – said Vladimir Kara-Murza.

Existing us sanctions against Russia have forced Moscow to abandon the aggression against Ukraine, but did conduct such a policy more costly and painful. So says former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and now expert at the Atlantic Council John Herbst. The Kremlin’s attempts to achieve the lifting of sanctions testify to their negative impact on the Russian economy, the expert believes.

“The Russian government for three years unsuccessfully trying to achieve the easing of sanctions or their cancellation. The Kremlin understands that sanctions cause harm. Their introduction has increased the number of influential people in Moscow who do not like war with Ukraine. However, sanctions have not led to changes in Russian politics, and I can’t tell – will”.

John Herbst adds that the statements and actions of the Russian President testify to the aggressive policy of the Kremlin not only in relation to Ukraine. And Washington depends on: whether such a policy is stopped.

“If Putin wants to be the leader of a revisionist, it is in our power, to hinder his actions. This means that you need to give him fewer resources to conduct aggression. Yes, sanctions are weakening the Russian economy. The IMF came to the conclusion that in 2015, as a result of sanctions, Russia’s GDP declined by about 1.5%. The fact that Russian billionaires and multi-millionaires are nervous – a good sign. This means that influential people in Russia are suffering from the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine”, – said the expert.

Analyst of the American foreign policy Council Stephen Blank believes that the sanctions are aimed not at undermining support for Vladimir Putin in the country, and to Putin’s inner circle.

“We know that sanctions work on the basis of what this effort applies the Kremlin, to get rid of them. That’s the reason for the intervention in the us elections: an attempt to get rid of sanctions,” – said Stephen Blank.

He adds that the sanctions are destroying the Russian economy and their introduction in evidence of the political unity of the West, unnerving the political leadership of Russia.

  • Эксперты о санкциях против России и "Кремлевском докладе"

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