Experts: the crisis made Russians remember the Soviet methods of shopping

Experts: the crisis made Russians remember the Soviet methods of shopping


“Going for food” are used for price comparison

Photo: NEWS/Mikhail Tereshchenko

Lasting for 2.5 years, the crisis has forced low-income residents of Russia to resort to the strategy of purchases of the times of developed socialism, written Higher school of Economics in the final review of the retail market for the year 2016.

If before the crisis the main part of the affluent consumers bought food and other consumer goods in a conventional shop, but now they have to spend time visiting different retail outlets to compare prices and select the best options of shopping.

“In search of reasonable prices in the low-income population prefers to avoid the 2-3 store, spending your time and effort, which could be used for humanitarian and educational purposes”, — quotes the portal the conclusion of the experts of the HSE.

This model, in their opinion, resembles the strategy of “trips to the store for groceries”, the only difference is that in the era of socialism, these “trips” were necessary for the investigation of the products available, and now to search for the minimum prices.

While the HSE stipulates that the compare prices de facto relevant only in regions with developed competition in the retail sector.

In a crisis the Russians due to the protracted decline in purchasing power is almost eliminated from its basket optional products, the acquisition of which is not vital, says the Higher school of Economics.

While for the poor Russians, the crisis “has finally ruled out the possible unpredictable episodes of shopping, including in store”, says the review of the University.

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