Facebook bought the startup that created the technology to add and remove...

Facebook bought the startup that created the technology to add and remove images in the video


The company Facebook continues to develop its social network, adding its functionality to the new “chips”. So, the other day it was announcedthat the largest social network acquired the German startup Fayteq developing plugins for working with videos. Fayteq previously created add-in for various video editors, among whom were, for example, Adobe After Effects.

Facebook is interested in the development of the Germans, which allows to remove video with certain objects or Vice versa “on the fly” to add a new one. Recently the social network has launched a platform for augmented reality that allows you to interact with the Facebook app and camera gadgets. Apparently, buying a startup Fayteq can give the work in the direction of the AR a new impetus.

The principle of operation of applications developed Fayteq, is quite simple: the algorithm detects real objects captured by the lens, and then applies certain digital video effects typical of existing video.

This technology can be useful for broadcasting in Facebook or in Instagram history. In addition to the computer vision techniques described above, a start-up there are other developments which may interest new owners and be useful in the future.