Facebook deleted fake accounts

Facebook deleted fake accounts


Facebook удалил поддельные аккаунты

The company sees communication between branch accounts and the Russian Agency Internet research

Company Facebook said it closed 32 account in Facebook and Instagram because they were “involved in a coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

In a statement released Tuesday, says that the company does not yet know who is behind these pages, but it is emphasized that discovered some connection between the accounts that were deleted, and accounts associated with the Russian Agency for Internet studies, which I believe led propaganda that influenced the elections in 2016 in the United States.

The statement said that the company removed eight Facebook pages, Facebook profiles 17 and seven Instagram accounts that have violated the prohibition of the company on a “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

Over 290,000 accounts were accompanied by at least one fake page, said in a statement.

The paper reported that the company Facebook to share what she knows about the relationship between “bad actors” lurking around the pages of Facebook and Instagram, and some protests planned for next week in Washington.

“It is clear that whoever created these accounts, he went much further to hide his true identity than in the past (did) the Russian Agency for Internet research,” – said in a statement. The structure behind the mentioned pages are named in the “defined, well-funded opponents who will never give up and constantly change tactics”.

Facebook notes that the structure behind the accounts, placed approximately 150 ad in the amount of approximately $ 11,000 US on Facebook and Instagram, paid in us and canadian currency. .

Facebook also canceled the event, the message which was posted on one of the accounts, on the page called “Resisters”. We are talking about the invitation to action centerprotect in connection with the demonstration under the name “Merge right”, which was scheduled to be held in Washington in August.