Facebook sends notification to user about the leak of their data

Facebook sends notification to user about the leak of their data


Facebook рассылает пользователям уведомления об утечке их данных

The company notifies 87 million users that have transmitted their data Cambridge Analytica

Social network Facebook is beginning to notify 87 million of its users about whether their information collected without their knowledge British consulting company Cambridge Analytica, which has provided services to the campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald trump in 2016.

In Facebook I think that most users, over 70 million were affected in the United States, however, there are one million users in the Philippines, in Indonesia and in the UK.

The company apologized for the security breach. The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company has made a “huge mistake” without greater control over the use of data and compliance with the obligations of the company.

The company allowed the British researcher Alexander Kogan to create a Facebook app, which is more than 200 000 users have provided their personal data, which he subsequently shared with Cambridge Analytica. However, the number of users whose data ended up in the company has grown exponentially since the leak also affected the friends and relatives of the users of the application.

Cambridge Analytica claim that the company had received the data, only 30 million users of Facebook.

Zuckerberg holds closed meeting with lawmakers in Washington, and on Tuesday and Wednesday will testify in two congressional committees.

The company sends all 2.2 billion users a link where they can go to check which applications they use, and learn how to block third-party access to their applications.