Facebook “snapalicious” after Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger

Facebook “snapalicious” after Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger


Mobile app Facebook there were “stories” (Stories) — “ephemeral” pictures and videos, popularized by the messenger Snapchat in 2013. Posts and messages that are available for viewing within 24 hours, after which self-destruct appeared in the customers social network for iOS and Android starting today.

The clone disappearing “stories” Snapchat appeared in Instagram last summer. In February, support self-destructing statuses in the form of photographs or short video with text or stickers were added to another product Facebook, WhatsApp.

And in March of “history” took over the social media messenger function Messenger Day (“My day”) allows you to create slideshows from images and videos, decorate them with funny text, stickers, emoticons, and share the summary with your friends. The format of the “burning” message, which proved very popular, active borrowing by Russian companies, including ICQ and Vkontakte.

“Story” in Facebook work the same as everywhere else. To create a “burning” post, need to scroll through “News” or right click on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the application. Photos can be supplemented with drawings, stickers or text, and also to impose on top of the animated “mask”, as in MSQRD. Told friends the “story” will disappear after 24 hours.

Also, the Facebook app has added a new Direct service, allowing you to share “stories” with specific friends. Once users discuss a photo, it will be automatically removed from the dialogue.

A new feature of Facebook affected the stock Snap developer Snapchat. Soon after the social network announced the support of “histories”, paper Snap fell by 3.7$ — to $22,95 per share.

Source: blog Facebook