Facebook: social networks have negative influence on democracy

Facebook: social networks have negative influence on democracy


Today it is hard to deny the influence of social networks on people’s minds, although even ten years ago such a statement would be perceived with great skepticism. And even a giant and a pioneer social networking company Facebook does not deny that the social network can cause people to change of priorities in life. Moreover, the representatives of Facebook said recently that social networks are a direct threat to democratic freedoms.

This was stated by the Director of political Affairs Facebook Katy Herbert. She admits that during the presidential elections of 2017 Facebook not fast enough to react to changes in the political situation that led to the flourishing of fake news and influence the outcome of elections. In this case the mark Zuckerberg in 2016, did not believe that the social network can influence the outcome of elections in the United States, and called the idea “very crazy and impossible.” And according to one of the managers of Facebook Samida Chakrabarti,

“There is no doubt that social networks impact on democracy due to the influence on people’s intentions. Both good and bad intentions. I would like to believe, that the positive effects of more, but I can’t guarantee it. We would like to “clean up” the social network, so it does not affect the accepted solution, because any action contrary to democratic principles. We certainly are moving in that direction, but even with all of the adopted countermeasures, this battle will never end”.

By admitting your mistakes Facebook has already embarked on change. In mid-January mark Zuckerberg announced the change of algorithm of the news feed. The new system will give preference to posts from real people and not from the media.