Facebook urged to do more to protect user data

Facebook urged to do more to protect user data


Facebook призывают приложить больше усилий для защиты пользовательских данных

Amid the scandal with the leak of the company quickly makes changes on its own initiative

Facebook is committed to proactive.

Since then, as we learned about another scandal surrounding Facebook user data, the social network announced a series of changes. However, it is unclear whether these measures are sufficient to satisfy regulators and legislators.

“We have reached a turning point in the issue of Facebook and personal data – said the President of the Center for privacy protection of electronic data Marc Rotenberg. – At the moment of special interest are converging political, economic and social forces. I think, in practical terms, this will lead to some big changes”.

Social Facebook more than 2 billion users in recent weeks has been under the gun of criticism due to the fact that an outside researcher reported 50 million users of consulting company Cambridge Analytica, which is engaged in political research.

It is unclear whether the company uses this data and how. The company argued that the data was removed. However, the situation drew attention to how the number of personal data leaks to Facebook and how they are treated.

The Exodus of advertisers

Manufacturer of consumer electronics Sonos, an auto parts supplier Pep Boys, Creator of the Firefox browser, Mozilla and several other companies in connection with the scandal stopped advertising in Facebook.

“We wish the users of provided a little more transparency and a few more options,” said a representative of Mozilla Danell Dixon.

“When you start to treat it a bit more serious, focus and begin to introduce changes, we’ll be back” she said, referring to Facebook.

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg in an interview with CNN and in one of his posts on the social network apologized for the incident and promised to do more to protect user data. “It was a massive violation of trust, and I’m sorry that it happened,” he said.

The company also placed in the British and American editions of the banner of apology.

The package of voluntary changes

While Federal regulators and the authorities of individual States have begun investigations about the data breach Facebook, and several congressional committees summoned Zuckerberg to testify, the company hastened to take the initiative and make changes.

So, the social network has simplified the mechanism for changing privacy settings and give users a quick way to download all of their data, available to Facebook and has stopped cooperation with a major data brokers.

It may soon become clear whether this is enough.