Facebook will create a “smart” column for video chat

Facebook will create a “smart” column for video chat


Laboratory Building 8, working at Facebook, promised to provide a device Portal, its first development, spring conference, F8. Information about Portal tried to keep secret, but the site Cheddar, referring to its sources at the factory, revealed new details about the device. Gadget is a kind of clever speakers with video chat. The developers have positioned it as a competitor Echo HomePod from Amazon and from Apple.

Unlike the latter, the gadget will not only be able to turn on the radio to find great music or to talk about the weather. Thanks to the integration with the social network Facebook, the developers will significantly expand its functionality.

Especially for the “column” developed their own version of Android, the device can accept voice commands, and to display the information it will be equipped with a large display. A wide-angle camera will enable you to associate users with their Facebook accounts and will be involved in face recognition. in addition, the developers have already signed a number of contracts with Sony and Universal Music, saying that Spotify and Netflix — apparently the display will be used not only for video chats and animated weather forecasts.

According to information received Cheddar from the same sources, the price of the device is around $ 499. Nevertheless official info, price and features will be revealed as early as may 2018.