Far Cry 5: to praise not criticize

Far Cry 5: to praise not criticize


It is worth noting that the perception of the game Far Cry 5 as a whole can vary depending on personal preferences. A fan of the previous installments will see one, and a new player is another. We will try in my article to combine both approaches. By the way, you can read our previous review here, Far Cry 4.

In any case, speaking about the fifth part of the famous series, it is impossible not to compare it with the previous one. Therefore, briefly describe what generally constitutes modern game Far Cry.

What is Far Cry

Many elements of the mechanics of the game Far Cry first appeared in the second part, released in 2008. They were fixed the third game in 2012, and the fourth (2014) has already begun new experiments.

But if you collect the total, it turns out that Far Cry is a series of shooters in the open of the fictional (but inspired by real locations) a world in which the hero has to fight with an army of mercenaries (or army) to hunt animals, not just once or twice to fall into a state of altered consciousness (in common — “glitches”), and eventually to confront the charismatic antagonist.

There are, however, some exceptions. For example, in the third part of the charismatic antagonist Vaas made even on the cover of the game, was not the main “boss” and all the main villain. His scenario is that the original was not. The main bastard was not so charismatic. The same can be said about Joseph Smith and his followers, with whom we are fighting in the fifth part, and unfortunately, all hope for another charismatic villain did not materialize.

In General, the idea of a totalitarian Christian sect could be squeezed out many interesting things. But something the writers failed.

Far Cry 5: praise or scold?

After playing Far Cry 5 we realized that the game (as compared to the previous parts, and in isolation from them) there is something to praise. Much to praise. But there is something to criticize. Much blame.

Praise for the open world, graphics, and some new mechanics. Blame for ruining gameplay in places, vague plot and illogical story missions, as well as for totally flat villains.

For example, it even has the same secret 10 minute ending in Far Cry 4. Do nothing at the beginning, waiting, and neatly finish the game in 10 minutes. But what this ending did for the fourth part? Disclose the nature of the main “villain”. What is she doing in the fifth? Nothing. The screen darkens and we learn absolutely nothing new neither Joseph Smith nor his followers, nor about the main character.

By the way, the main character, you can now create (and it can be either male or female), so hero we have now is actually a faceless, characterless, well, silent. In Far Cry 3 we learned a lot about Jason, the protagonist, and was watching his transformation into a true warrior. Far Cry 4 Ajay Gale was already quite dull by the will of others and, perhaps, it was the main and only flaw of the game. In Far Cry 5 the situation worsened — we are no one. Come to us either as a “greenhorn,” or as “assistant”. People ask us to find the plane, the dog, the cat (actually a Puma), caches, fix something, well, sometimes — to free any location.

The release locations are made in two patterns: either as before liberating an Outpost (it’s still interesting), or clean the area, and then shielded her from climbing on all sides by enemies. Remember those long-hackneyed mission: “enemies climb from the North,” “and now enemies climb from the West”, “enemy in the East”? Here this full. It would seem that game so much developed and improved, so we could watch the newest and much-anticipated shooter this vulgarity. Decades of evolution games Puma under the tail. Shame on you, fellow developers.

Or are these missions, which are even considered as the plot. A man with a plane seemed like complete idiocy until we met an old woman a Cougar. The first asked us to find his stolen plane because he now can’t get out of the valley. And he go to look for the aircraft may not — he’s having a baby (the wife we never see). Moreover, our hero is free to call the helicopters in Just Cause or rather in Borderlands (in the past — not helicopters, and cars, but the principle is the same). But no need the plane. For what? So we unblocked the purchase of aircraft.

Crazy old lady (okay, she’s not that old) with Puma are generally the height of insanity. She asks us to find her “favorite kitty,” which she affectionately calls “Peach” (nickname), we find, and after a few seconds, she complains about how the animal got it, and begs us to take Cougar with you. In the end, the Puma, as the dog saved a little earlier, becomes one of the possible companions in the game. Now just don’t fall: teammates can revive you in some Halo 5. Puma and a dog! Can resurrect you!

Yeah, speaking of partners. They are generally useless if you want to play stealth. Well, except dogs and Cougars — detection by their enemies does not activate signaling in the capture of the Outpost.

Ending the conversation about the shortcomings, I’d mention that enemies now appear out of thin air and almost anywhere. Want to quietly attack the Outpost? Pray to close suddenly the car came with the cultists, or some bear. And you accurately determine even if you fly, say, in a helicopter. They know it is you and nobody else. Find you from the ground (and you remember, in a helicopter) and shout on the radio: “He’s down here!”.

In General, the main disadvantages figured out. Now about what the game is worth praise.

Well, the schedule is clear. Technology is evolving, games are prettier and prettier every day. Even Far Cry 3 today, looks good, Far Cry 4 is quite modern, and Far Cry 5 — just space. One of the most beautiful games on the current day. Even running at 30 FPS on all consoles, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4, X Pro.

The same can be said about the game world. Earlier we saw almost the same average location. Part 3 — the jungle 4 — mountain forests and meadows, and Far Cry 5 the world finally became alive, real, different. And objects in this world pleasing variety: bridges, buildings, small settlements.

And in buildings now you can go and even fight in them. Moreover, simultaneously with the street. That is, capturing an Outpost, you can sneak into the attic of a barn somewhere and sit there with a sniper. Or go into the house and hide in the room. The interiors of the houses are detailed and extremely realistic.

And, finally, it is worth saying about the recycled game mechanics. Kraft here now minimized — you no longer have to collect animal skins in order to extend the ammunition. On the one hand, hunting is a pity, on the other — hunt still no bans, just for the skins now only give money. All extensions is done entirely by pumping (requires skill points, which are given for completing tasks — like plot and side).

Also added fishing. You can fish from the ground and from the boat. Yes! Here again, you can ride on the boat! In such lakes and rivers — a sin not to go.

In addition to boats, there are in the game and already mentioned helicopters and various airplanes, the American brand trucks, tractors, ATVs, cars… well, not that straight, a lot of variety but to navigate through the world can be very different ways — and that’s good. Moreover, the game world has grown considerably in size.

Far Cry 5 in the eyes of a beginner series

So, the game was extremely controversial. However, a true fan of Far Cry still won’t be able to ignore it, and will definitely find something good. Even a lot of good.

But for a new player who does not sign, it will be a “mediocre” shooter, in which you can have fun, but it is not clear — why to do it. Most likely, an inexperienced player will enjoy excellent graphics, will test all possible classes, and will throw the game somewhere in the middle.

Far Cry 5: arcade mode

And finally tell you about the, perhaps, unusual mode in Far Cry 5 — arcade. We noticed that when the developers suddenly decide to release the next game not for a couple years as usual, but for decades, they make up for it some special, long-running mode. In GTA V it was the GTA Online mode, thanks to which we do not see a new GTA (and even rumors can’t hear) for almost 5 years. Although 5 years passed between the release of GTA IV and GTA V.

And in Far Cry 5 is “arcade”. And something it seems to us that the new number of Far Cry we are also now very soon see, if ever see.

However, the mode in something interesting. Here players can build maps for different game modes (escape, capture outposts) and pass them, and share them over the network. A sort of Super Mario Maker, perhaps, to make a map for a 3D shooter is not simple, and the editor did not so user friendly. I have the feeling that it is a slightly redesigned the original editor in which the creators of the game did the game locations for her. And the final levels, even at high detail, get a little “cardboard”. But the opportunity to generate new content for the game by the players is an interesting idea, giving the game almost infinite potential. And a special thanks to the developers that the editor is available not only on PC but on consoles.


At the end I can say that Far Cry 5 is not a good part to explore the series. If you want to dive into the “real farkray”, but not much to lose in the graph — we recommend starting with Far Cry 4. There is everything that a series I loved and love, the game already belongs to a new generation. Play Far Cry 4 also on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As for Far Cry 5, the most interesting thing in it — an arcade mode where players can even build their own levels. Repeat the game a success Super Mario Maker? Let’s wait and see.


Graphics: 9/10

Control: 8/10

Gameplay: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Author A. Kuznetsov