Fast food not to blame! Found the bacteria that cause obesity

Fast food not to blame! Found the bacteria that cause obesity


Obesity has become truly a scourge of the XXI century, and it is not surprising that this problem began to be studied particularly closely. Scientific papers on the subject of excess weight regulations on its control and origin a lot. However, a study published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, can turn our knowledge about obesity. A group of American scientists claims that to excess weight to a greater extent leads to overeating and a special bacteria.

The research is a team of Professor Eugene Chang from the University of Chicago. As you know, it often happens that even after a successful diet and out of it people begin new weight gain. Scientists have found that this has less to do with metabolism, but with the state of the microflora. During a series of experiments, experts found that mice with the “purified” by the flora in the intestine almost did not gain weight, while their congeners, consuming large amounts of fat, calories and fast carbs (i.e. junk food), I gained weight quite quickly. Scientists have noticed that mice without gut microflora much worse absorbs and digests fatty foods. In addition, in rodents with “clean” bowel cholesterol in the blood was in the normal range, in contrast to the control groups.

“Identified bacteria turned out to be one of the key links in the chain of events leading to that intestines more efficiently absorb fats. They manage the digestion and absorption, and also play a huge role in the development of obesity and heart disease”.

Finding the link between obesity and bacteria, scientists have tried to find the “culprits”. They were the bacteria of the family Clostridiaceae, which are in the process of life emit large amounts of enzymes that break down fats and improve their absorption. To check the hypothesis, the scientists gave mice with a cleaned intestine these bacteria, after which the rodents began to gain weight. Now experts aimed at identifying the mechanisms to combat unwanted bacteria, and the creation of a “medication weight”.