First the flagship Xperia (2018). Importantly — in his body?

First the flagship Xperia (2018). Importantly — in his body?


New reports indicate the probability of announcements of new flagship smartphones Sony Xperia on the two upcoming technology trade shows — CES and MWC 2018 2018. Perhaps not all of the expected devices will be characterized by a full-screen design. But among the expected characteristics of the novelties and have a very nice feature, which is important not less than the thickness of the display part.

It is expected that in February of 2018 at the exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2018, Sony announces its flagship smartphones based on the new Snapdragon chipset 845. The chip set largely ensures the performance of the device. More prospective features were considered by Inviragen Validaterow (Anvinraj Valiyathara) on the resource page

New “leak” revealed the model numbers of future phones from the company Sony — H8216, H8266, H8276 and H296. Reportedly, Sony H8266 will complement a Full HD display and Bluetooth 5.0. Software platform this smartphone will be released in 2017, Google’s Android operating system 8.0 Oreo. It should be noted that this smartphone appeared in the benchmark Geekbench.

The screenshot of the listing Geekbenchdescribing the technical characteristics of new items, allows you to get a definite idea about the smartphone. Its chipset is a Snapdragon 845. The RAM of the device is 4 GB.

In the single core test model H8266 Sony scored 2393 points in multi-core testing — 8300 points. Indicators H8266 in the benchmark Geekbench, comparable to those characteristic of one of the most anticipated smartphone of the coming technological of the season — Samsung Galaxy S9+. These characteristics appeared in the Network earlier.

According to rumors, the smartphone might be unveiled as Sony Xperia XZ new generation. Earlier it was noted also that the Sony Xperia XZ2 will be characterized by a very thin display frame, which shows a render that has previously already been considered. However, to date, all “known” about the phone — only the assumption.

A slightly different picture emerges when examining the estimated model H8266 Omar Sohail (Omar Sohail) on the resource page The main difference is in RAM and time the likely announcement. According to the report, the model H8266 will complement 5,48 inch FHD display. It is interesting to note that the use of 5.48-inch screen means that the most famous Japanese vendor will not equip this smartphone trend screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9, which is the most visible sign of a modern flagship.

As previously noted, the new smartphone H8266 will complement the 845 chipset Snapdragon. So early, in the beginning of the year, the announcement of the flagship chipset, high-end devices of the new generation is impressive. The amount of the RAM will be 6 GB. And he could become the first flagship of the Xperia line, which will be equipped with 6 GB of RAM. Novelty can be presented at the upcoming CES 2018. There is also unconfirmed speculation that Sony plans to introduce this device in several configurations that does not exclude the probability of the announcement is also a version with 4 GB of RAM, a good benchmark is shown.

In addition to 6 GB of RAM, it is also mentioned that the smartphone, which, perhaps, will see the light shortly after the New year, will complement a built-in UFS-drive, whose capacity will be 128 GB. The company also will provide users with the possibility of expanding available storage capacity of support memory card slot microSD. And this is a very nice feature on the background of the fact that many vendors of smart phones refused to equipping their devices with memory card slots in order to make the design more elegant.

According to rumors, the battery model H8266 will have a capacity of 3210 mAh. Given the screen resolution of the device under consideration, this capacity may be sufficient. However, as mentioned above, users are waiting for the appearance on the market and “frameless” smartphone Xperia, since a high ratio of screen size to the size of the device allows the device to look more beautiful, which for users is no less important than hardware performance and software functions. 2018 could be the ruler of smart phones Xperia a year of significant redesignthat will allow the devices to conform to one of the most striking trends developing in the industry of digital devices in the current, 2017.