Flew in a billion: what drones are popular in Russia

Flew in a billion: what drones are popular in Russia


Despite the fact that the first wave of the popularity of drones has passed, major technological corporations continue to use them for unusual purposes. For example, Amazon is trying deliver products using drones, and enthusiasts even learned how to transport people. However, regular users also do not lose time in vain and buy the quadcopters for filming and for racing purposes.

As reported edition Hi-News.ru analysts at M. Video, the demand for drones in Russia, grew up in 2017, twice, and the total market is about to reach one billion rubles. For this indicator, the market drones can be compared with the sales of robotic vacuum cleaners- like a lot, but still have to go.

We expect that by the end of 2017 the Russian market for drones will exceed one billion rubles. For such a new and niche segment is very good. M. Video sells every fourth drone on the market that allows us to see trends and to analyze the situation. In the future, the market will expand, including at the expense of the models with new functionality, for example, integration of drones and virtual reality glasses”, — said the expert photo – and video equipment in “M. Video” Oleg Reznikov.

What are drones and why are you buying Russian “pilots”?

Basically, buyers drones are divided into two camps. Some buy light cheap quadcopters that don’t need to register (and you can drive, and fly for fun); others acquire quality expensive models with the ability to record 4K video and feature follow the owner for a professional video. In the first category are rapidly gaining popularity, Syma and Hubsan Pilotage, sales of which are growing 3-5 times, and the second category is a clear leader remains DJI, which is not surprising, because none of the manufacturers has yet been able to approach the optimal ratio of price and quality.

How to allocate the market by price segments? Most — 77 % — took the low drones of up to 7 thousand rubles, while the share of professional solutions cost more than 28 thousand rubles accounted for only two percent. Apparently, expensive quadcopters a to buy not yet ready.

That you notice when you select the drone

  • The quality of the recording. Here the choice is clear: SD, Full HD, HD and 4K. Mostly users prefer models with the ability to shoot in HD and 4K. In most available drones from Pilotage, Hubsan and Syma are available HD quality (like the Syma X5HC), but some models may not shoot in HD, but take a price — Pilotage Phantom FPV Edition, Pilotage UFO 6-AXIS, Hubsan X4 H107L and other.
  • Follow Me Feature. It is currently available only in high price segment – mostly the device from DJI and Hubsan. The demand for gadgets like the DJI Mavic Pro has almost doubled compared to last year, although it is not the cheapest device.

Now, almost half bought in Russia are purchased drones with the support recording in HD, and only 9 % — with the ability to record in 4K. Most likely, next year sales of drones from the premium segment will grow as the number of available models is growing.