Flu vs USA

Flu vs USA


Грипп против США

United States experiencing one of the most powerful epidemics of influenza over a decade and a half

State Centers for control and prevention of diseases (СDC) reported that the epidemic levels of flu recorded in all States except Hawaii. According to the forecast СDC if the epidemic will continue to spread at this rate, by the end of the season in the world they have been ill about 34 million people.

Now, every fifteenth visit to the doctor in the United States associated with the manifestation of flu-like symptoms.

According СDC, the flu has already led to 12 thousand hospitalizations. 37 children died, but infant mortality could rise, as these data are not immediately included in the official statistics. СDC do not have data on adult mortality.

Typically, the flu affects children and the elderly. But this year, abnormally many hospitalized aged 50 to 64 years.

This season covers the same strain of virus, and in the past, H3N2, however, in the 2016-2017 season, the epidemic was not as serious. Experts have no clear explanation what caused it.

The peak of the flu season in the U.S. usually falls on February. Some States already marked reduction in the number of diseases. In СDC suggest that this year’s flu season started earlier and may end sooner.

Doctors recommend flu vaccination for all people older than six months. However, this year the vaccine was effective only in 30% of cases.