Ford has introduced the concept of unmanned police car

Ford has introduced the concept of unmanned police car


Carmaker Ford announced the purchase of companies Autonomic, and TransLoc, with whom it will work on the Autonomous vehicle concept for transportation of passengers and commercial goods delivery. As the press service of the automaker, the ethereal car, created by Ford with the support of TransLoc, will be able to navigate the terrain, creating the best routes, and will interact with each other and with the infrastructure using the cloud service for Transportation Mobility.

In addition, unmanned technology, Ford is going to implement and police cars. At least the company filed a patent application, registered the opportunity. In brief, the patented technology is about a new software, allowing the automobile to chase drivers without police danger. The driver in this mode will be able to sit behind the wheel, but the autopilot will take over again completely.

The machine itself will be able to calculate the possible routes of the infringer of rules of traffic and, if necessary, will contact exceeded the speed of the car. If with the driver, police car sends a request to obtain a copy of his driver’s license and other documents. After that the patrol car itself will issue a fine or issue a warning.

No information on how soon Ford plans to implement their ideas, not reported. Probably, this long-term project will require some new developments, which will have one year to test.