Ford workers began testing exoskeletons

Ford workers began testing exoskeletons


The first prototypes of the exoskeleton from Ekso Bionics has already entered the factory of the automobile company Ford. Engadget reportsthat their development was conducted in cooperation with the workers of the Assembly line, which helped to improve the design, identifying weaknesses and helping to improve the final version prototypes.

EksoVest exoskeletons are made on the money of Ford motor company, which expects in the future a wide use of them in production, helping the workers to support the upper torso and protecting employees from excessive overload. EksoVest will help people to lift weights without a strong stress and harm for health.

Even if you regularly lift and carry small cargo or tight to tighten the screws, these loads will ultimately affect the health of people and can cause chronic diseases of the hands or spine. EksoVest helps to avoid negative consequences, helps to increase labor quality and improve the health of employees. It can be used easily to lift a load weighing up to six kilograms.

The exoskeleton is designed to work up to 192 inches and are suitable for any production where you want something to wear in the hands, so it can be used not only to plant but also on the construction site, or warehouse.

The pilot testing program will eventually apply to all the Ford plant in USA, Europe and South America.