Forecasters downgraded hurricane power “Michael” to the third category

Forecasters downgraded hurricane power “Michael” to the third category


Синоптики понизили мощность урагана «Майкл» до третьей категории


Forecasters downgraded hurricane power “Michael” to the third category


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The disaster has led to power outages in the 400 thousands of homes and businesses in three States

The hurricane Michael, the strongest storm that hit Florida over the past 25 years, and the third largest hurricane in the history of observations on the territory of the United States, with disastrous consequences in the North-West Florida.

“Michael” passed through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and makes landfall in the area of Florida city of Mexico beach, 32 km South-East of Panama city in the Northwest of the state. The wind speed in the eye of the hurricane at this point was up to 250 km/h If it was only 3 km/h, the hurricane could be assigned to the most powerful fifth category. Such natural phenomena are very rare and usually lead to huge destruction.

As predicted by forecasters from the Center for the study of hurricanes, and soon the power of the storm fell to third category. These hurricanes also pose a greater danger: the wind speed in the middle of it can exceed 200 km/h.

According to Florida Governor Rick Scott, a few hours after “Michael” reached the territory of the state, authorities still had no information about possible victims.

“Michael” has evolved from a tropical storm into a hurricane of category 4 in about 40 hours. “Satellite images, which show how the hurricane developed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, just mind – boggling,” said Bob Henson, a meteorologist affiliated with the website Weather Underground.

Residents of 20 districts on the coast of Florida had received warnings to evacuate, but already on Wednesday morning to leave covered by the elements of the region it was too late. Most of the areas that came under attack “Michael” small towns, near which are the beaches and nature reserves and state capital – Tallahassee, which is home to about 190 thousand people.

The city of Port St. Joe reported that the majority of people – 2.5 million of the 3.5 million – was not evacuated. This number includes a hundred people who live in the beach area. “It happened so fast we had no time to prepare”, – explained in the city hall.

Many homes in Mexico beach are flooded on the roof. Remains unknown the fate of the 280 residents of the town, which, according to the authorities, refused to evacuate.

According to Brock long, Director of the Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA), the regional authorities not promptly solved the problems of evacuation.

According to FEMA, warning, evacuation Tuesday, 9 October, I received about half a million Florida residents in 20 districts of the state in the flood zone were almost all 320 miles of the Gulf coast, which belongs to Florida.

However, brad Kieserman from the American red cross said Wednesday that at least 320 thousand inhabitants of the coast ignored this requirement. About six thousand people found refuge in temporary shelters, organized in the territory of Florida. The total number of placed in them will increase to the end of the week to approximately 20 thousand people in five States added Kieserman.

President Donald trump has declared a state of emergency throughout Florida. This will significantly speed up the allocation of Federal funds for elimination of consequences of hurricane.

In rescue operations involved the 3,500 employees of the National guard of Florida and more than a thousand professional rescuers, said the state’s Governor Rick Scott.

By the evening of October 10, more than 400 thousand homes and businesses in Florida, Georgia and Alabama remained without electricity.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, “Michael” will move northeast across South-Eastern regions of Alabama and southwest Georgia. Forecasters warned that the element can affect areas South and North Carolina, which had already suffered from severe flooding as a result of hurricane “Florence,” at the end of September. They expect up to 30 inches of rain.