Former Valve writer Marc Laidlaw has revealed the plot of Half-Life 3

Former Valve writer Marc Laidlaw has revealed the plot of Half-Life 3


The sequel to the game Half Life a long time ago became a myth in the gaming industry. The last adventure of Gordon Freeman was held in October 2007, almost 10 years ago. Since then, the stream of rumors about new adventures of the silent physics, though slightly abated, to completely dry out is not going to. Of special note is a fresh statement by the former writer of the entire series Half-Life Marc Laidlaw, who today posted a story never published the continuation of the legendary game.

Marc Laidlaw as a writer and game designer Valve almost from the founding of the Studio. Was the main author of the script of the entire series of the legendary shooter about the adventures of a silent physicist with the exception of additions to the first part of Blue Shift, Opposing Force and Decay exclusive to consoles, where mark worked with Randy Pitchford from Gearbox. Mr Laidlaw remained full-time writer until the beginning of 2016, when he left his home company “for a number of reasons, including personal character”. Apparently, mark is not less than the players waited, so I decided to share the third part (or episode) of Half-Life on his website. Link to text description of the plot mark posted in his Twitter and almost immediately the site went down, but the archives were saved backup, they said on Twitter. Then we present the translation of the story of a hypothetical Half-Life 3 from one of the “fathers” of the series. Just be warned! There will be spoilers not only to not released the game, but the episodes are Half-Life 2. So keep reading at your own risk.

Epistle 3

— Marc Laidlaw (@marc_laidlaw) August 25, 2017

My website’s down for now. I guess fanfic is popular, even a genderswapped snapshot of a dream I had many years ago.

— Marc Laidlaw (@marc_laidlaw) August 25, 2017

After the tragic events that occurred in the final Episode Two, Gordon and Alex are sent to Antarctica where Judith Mossman has found the ship Boreas, which, according to legend, is a weapon that can help in the fight against the Alliance. In order to get to the location of the ship, our heroes use the helicopter resistance, but on the way he shot down, and in the course of further action it turns out that Zephyr sometimes surrounded by a fortress of the Alliance. Sometimes, because the ship constantly “jumps” in time and space.

Soon Gordon and Alex meet Wallace Breen, whose mind, as it turned out, was moved to the Observer in the final Half-Life 2. Meanwhile, Judith Mossman goes to prison Alliance, how do our heroes save her and safely. Gordon, Alex Mossman penetrate into the Zephyr and during his travels you see a series of different events from the seven-hour war, during which was captured by the Earth, to other worlds and even time of construction of the vessel in the lab Aperture Science.

After the capture of the ship the heroes of the dispute arises, what to do with the Zephyr: Mossman wants to destroy with the help of the Alliance, and Alex intends to destroy the ship, doing the will of the slain Alliance of Eli Vance, her father. In the course of a dispute with Alex kills Judith. The omnipresent G-Man, appeared, as always, out of nowhere, he takes with him Alex, leaving Gordon on the ship.

After that, Freeman directs the Zephyr in the “nexus approach”, that is the main base of the Alliance. Ready to die for a cause save the scientist vortigaunt and transferred to the warm coast. In the end, Gordon knows the outcome of his mission, what happened with Alex, and generally, in what time and world it is. This is where the story ends.

It is worth saying that the plot is quite interesting, but with minor deviations like some of the fan theories and fan-fics. What do you think about this continuation of the story and if it happens someday?