Former White house strategist called “treacherous” meeting in the “trump Tower”

Former White house strategist called “treacherous” meeting in the “trump Tower”


Экс-стратег Белого дома назвал «предательской» встречу в «Башне Трампа»

Rating of Steve Bannon is contained in a new book about the administration trump

Former chief White house strategist Steve Bannon called the June 2016 meeting Donald trump Jr. and other retainers of his father with the representatives of Russia – “treacherous” and “unpatriotic” act. About it it is told in the book of Michael Wolff “Fire and fury: the White house if trump” (Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House), which will soon appear in the mass selling.

As stated in the book, ‘bannon in a sarcastic and surprised tone, said about the meeting in Trump Tower, attended by a Russian lawyer, who had promised pre-election headquarters of the trump dirt on his rival, Hillary Clinton.

At the meeting, which was organized by trump’s son, was also attended by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and the head of the electoral headquarters by Paul Manafort. Subsequently, the meeting has come to the attention Federal investigation on possible collusion between staff of the trump and Russia. The trump denies the existence of such collusion.

“Three leading members of the campaign thought it a good idea to meet with representatives of a foreign state in the “trump Tower”, in the conference room on the 25th floor, no lawyers. With them were not lawyers, – quotes the words Bannon is the author of the book. – Even if not to consider it a treacherous, unpatriotic and just a bad thing, but I think so, still needed to call the FBI”.

When I received the offer about meeting with the Russians, who have dirt on Clinton, trump Jr. wrote in an email: “I really like this idea.”

As stated in the book, learning about the meeting, Bannon first, do not believe what he heard, and then sarcastically concluded: “That they had a brain center.”

Book, publication of which is scheduled for next Tuesday based on over 300 interviews with trump, senior officials of his administration and the Trustees of the President.

Neither the White house nor’bannon has not yet commented on excerpts from the book. In the Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment from trump, Jr.

Bannon became the campaign Manager of trump a few months before the election, but after a meeting in Trump Tower, and then served as chief strategist of the White house in the first months after the inauguration.In August, trump fired’bannon, which led him to win the election and played a decisive role in the development of his election program, built on ideas of nationalism and-globalism.

In the book’bannon also expressed the view that the investigation of relations between approximations of trump and Moscow focus on money laundering: “don Jr. will split like a nut on national TV”.