Former White house strategist Steve Bannon fails to appear at congressional hearings

Former White house strategist Steve Bannon fails to appear at congressional hearings


Экс-стратег Белого дома Стив Бэннон не явится на слушания в Конгрессе

Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives called’bannon to testify

Former chief White house strategist Steve Bannon misses scheduled for Tuesday conversation with the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives on its work to the adviser of the President of trump, despite the fact that lawmakers called him to testify.

As told Republican Congressman from Texas, Mike Conaway, who heads the Committee investigating Russian intervention in the elections, he expected that Bannon will be at the meeting and answer the Committee’s questions, however close to the Committee sources told the news that he won’t do it. Between lawmakers and the White house is ongoing debate regarding conversations with’bannon.

‘bannon can be charged with contempt of Congress if he ignores the summons, however, it is unclear whether the Committee intends to take any action against him.

Last month’bannon for 10 hours talking with the members of the Committee but refused to answer most questions related to his organizational work during the transition period and for seven months when he served as the chief strategist, which was offset in August.

Bannon actively supported populist policies trump under the slogan “America first”, but it has lost the location of the President after he voiced a negative assessment of the administration and other advisers trump in the recently published book Michael Wolfe’s “Fire and fury: the White house under the Tram”.

Especially harsh criticism was subjected to Bannon’s daughter Ivanka trump and her husband Jared Kushner, who work with advisers in the White house, and eldest son of President Donald trump, Jr. in connection with his role in arranging a meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.

“When he was fired, he lost not only work, but also the mind,” said trump about the’bannon.